Girls Night Out: 5 Quirky Accessories to Rock This Weekend


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If you have some plans with friends or your special someone this weekend, you might already be planning what to wear and what kind of statement your outfit should make. If you are a true fashionista and want to incorporate this fall’s trends into your casual weekend wear, here are some areas where you can start with your accessories.

Cute Belts

cute belt
By Cute Belts under CC BY 2.0

A belt can be a great piece for both function and fashion. Belts for women come in all shapes, colors and sizes to make sure you have plenty of options for each of your outfits. Belt buckles are also a fun way to make your style unique.  Choose fun styles that express your personality.

Gothic Accent

With the rise in popularity of vampires in pop culture, Gothic styles have come into some great fashion accessories. The key to working a Goth look into your wardrobe without going overboard is to stick to basic black, lace and metallic accents that have a Gothic style. Goth makeup and all black clothing can be saved for Halloween. It is better to use stunning pieces and add gothic elements around them.

Hats That Make a Statement

Since the late 1960s, hats have been generally out of style unless they were functional for keeping warm or shading your eyes from the sun. Today, hats for fashion are back in a big way. The key to finding the right hat for this fall is to take into account the shape of your face. Certain hats work better with round faces, just like other hats work well with square faces.   There are all kinds of interesting colors and styles to choose from, so find what suits you.

By Ian Bruce under CC BY 2.0

Bold Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces have been on trend for awhile, and they will stick around through the fall season. These bold necklaces can jazz up any plain outfit. To avoid visual overload, it is best to wear these necklaces with neutral colors such as navy, black and brown. Statement necklaces also look great with the standard little black dress.

Rock a Pair of Flats

Instead of stilettos and kitten heels, this fall the trend is all about the flats. You can easily choose from a wide range of styles that don’t make you appear six feet tall, such as ballet flats, slip-ons and cute boots with low heels. These types of flats can also help you to better maneuver through downpours or sudden snow showers better than a tall heel.

Who says accessories have to be boring?  Mix different styles and types in to make your outfit pop with your quirky personality. These are just some of the fun fall trends that you can incorporate into your wardrobe. Remember that the best trends are the ones that make you feel confident in what you wear, so don’t overdo it.