5 Great Fashion Tips For The Short Women

Laura Tolentino

Isn’t it stressful to see that all the models are tall and that most of the clothes designed look great only for women that are taller? If you are under 5’5”, everything becomes problematic. You want to improvise to look your best and you sometimes have to adapt the clothes that you see for your figure.

fashion tips for short girls

There are many fashion tips that we can offer for women that are shorter. In fact, most of the tips we offer for tall women can be applied with some exceptions. There are many DOS and DON’TS that exist but what you want at the end of the day is to create the illusion that you are taller. This is what counts the most and in order to do this, you want to consider the following simple tips.

Going Monochrome

Few people know this but when you wear one color from toes to head, you will create the illusion of an elongated silhouette. When you wear many colors at the same time, the silhouette is broken up, making the appearance look blocky. It is a really good idea to consider monochrome as a short girl and you can so easily go for extra colors through accessories or just go for small color splashes.

Don’t Forget About Heels

Many short girls dismiss heels but the truth is that they can be really useful. This is an obvious solution to the height problem and it is not at all difficult to embrace the high heels since they are a huge part of modern fashion.  You can go for a small lift or many added inches. Heeled shoes are going to give you a lot of extra height. The only problem is that in many situations women have problems if they are not used to wearing heels. Well, you do not need to necessarily wear stilettos. You can also opt for wedge shoes.

Remember About The High Waist

Proportions will create the illusion that you are taller. Improper choice of proportions can lead towards the opposite effect. You want to wear high waist pants, skirts or shorts in order to create the desired optical illusion. The reason why you want to focus on a high waist is the fact that your legs will appear longer. You basically end up with a silhouette that is more willowy.

Shorter Hems

Mini dresses and skirts are quite great when y our legs can be shown off. Combine these with a proper shoe choice so that you create an appearance of having longer, leaner legs. A really good idea though is to opt for the dresses and skirts that will finish above the knee level. These do look great and in most situations you will be able to look quite stylish while also appearing taller.

Choose Your Pants Correctly

This is a topic that is quite controversial. Most short girls actually avoid wearing pants. You do not have to do this. You just need to make a correct choice. The proportions have to be right. Ideally, you will go for something that is not bulky, a fitted style. Slightly flared jeans and boot cut jeans will have the effects you want. Always make sure that you avoid the styles that are overly voluminous or wide-legged. These are not at all great for short girls.