How To Wear Trench Coats In A Cool Way

Laura Tolentino

When talking about effortlessly chic, the one thing that comes to mind is the trench coat. This garment has been worn for years and always looked great. However, just as with everything in fashion, it can also look pretty badly on you.

how to wear trench coats

Trench coats have a timeless appeal. They are stylish outwear pieces that end up looking great with literally anything inside your closet. The tips that we are about to mention only help you to realize that this is the case. You will quickly figure out that wearing trench coats in a really cool way is not at all something that is difficult to do. Just think about the following:

  • In order to obtain a truly unstudied vibe, you can always roll up the sleeve. Larissa Hofmann was often seen doing this, making her look really cool in various combinations.
  • If you are looking for a look that is off-duty, you can easily cinch the trench coat around the waist. Move further and pair it around with sneakers and a pair of slouchy jeans.
  • The lace top has a truly sexy appeal. Why not take advantage of this by complaining it with trousers and classic trenches.
  • You can easily show off stylish staple by leaving gaps when you wear the trench coat. Wear a beautiful stripped button down shirt underneath and show it off.
  • Take your black trench coat and pair it off with a pair of skinny jeans. Add some really bright red pumps in order to gain a subtly sexy ensemble, one recommended by many, including Emmanuelle Alt.
  • Wearing a trench coat to the office is not at all a bad idea but you want to do it in a really fresh way. Layer the button down shirt right under printed cardigan and then complete the entire attire with the use of sophisticated separates like tan trench coat, tailored trousers and some pointy toed pumps.
  • Go for a look like that of French girls. In order to do this you just have to match the coat with cigarette jeans, a pair of black pumps and a lovely Breton stripe tee.
  • Do you have a white trench coat that you want to wear? Combine it with plaid pants and freshen up the entire ensemble when you do this.
  • Are your legs beautiful and you want to show them off? Elongate the legs by adding cutoffs and a lovely denim shirt.
  • You can easily get a prep school like look by adding some accessories to the trench coat. Ankle socks and leather backpacks look great.