7 Great 2017 Beauty Products You Want To Know More About

Laura Tolentino

In 2017 there were various different great beauty products launched, with even more scheduled in the near future. It is not at all difficult to find something that is wonderful for you. Make sure you consider these as being some of the very best beauty products of 2017.

Pearl Hair Oil

If you want to create a hair product to protect when coloring, the best choice is a colorist. That is why Ryan Pearl’s product was such a huge hit. This is his own hair oil, one that is going to offer you that perfect formula that can replenish damaged and bleached strands, offering the nutrients that the hair really needs. At the same time, Pearl Hair Oil is protecting the hair from both UBV and UVA rays. Your color will be brighter for a long time.

Honest Beauty Night Serum

The product is already really well-known because of its association with Jessica Alba. She is slowly building a beauty empire that is now richer with a line of skin clearing and smoothing products. This one is particularly interesting as it is packed with retinol and is a very good night serum. You can also look at the entire line for a classifying toner, a cleanser and more.

Ever Sublime Eye Smoother

Dealing with fine lines and tired eyes is something we are all so used to these days but these problems are not going to bother us for long if we use Ever Sublime Eye Smoother. It takes advantage of the LSR10 technology developed by the manufacturer and includes a great combination of hyaluronic acid, peptides and retinol. The result is having a better looking skin all around your eyes.

Pat McGrath Unlimited Edition

Pat McGrath is highly respected in the beauty industry and this will surely not change in the future since this line of beauty products includes an incredible 61 skin care products. McGrath’s collections are normally offered as a restricted deal but for the first time these will be available all the time. In it you can find mascara, eye pencils, lip pencils, eye shadow palettes and lipsticks.

Katy Perry Indi Fragrance

Indi is Katy Perry’s sixth perfume, the first one with musk as a scent choice, in a combination with vanilla, white cedar wood and white tea. The result is a perfume that is both masculine and feminine, being sexy without overdoing it. According to the singer, this fragrance is all about “expressing your true self and enhancing the incredible individual you are.”

Charlotte Tilbury Liquid Lipstick

Charlotte Tilbury’s cream lipstick is seen as being perfect so the exact same quality is expected in this new liquid lipstick. We are talking about 10 lipstick shades that offer a plumped, matte look without having any possible dryness.

Kate Moss X Decorte

Kate Moss has her own signature black liner and matte lip look. Now you can have it whenever you want. Moss was the main face of Decorte since 2015 and now her favorite products are brought to the US. You can only find the products in Saks Fifth Avenue as a “Kate Moss Favorites” collection that includes black eye liner, brow pencil, brushes, four eye shadows and lip shades.

2017 was an incredible year for beauty products and it is still not over. There are other products that are going to be launched and you might have other favorites, of course. However, these are the beauty products that we see as being the best this year based on the high quality they offer.