9 Spring and Summer Trends 2016

Laura Tolentino

This year’s spring-summer trends are a celebration of femininity in all its forms. Pastels and bright colors, ruffles and leather, flower prints and bold stripes, they all come together to create outfits in various styles. They are connected together by the power and femininity they all suggest. It seems like the spring and summer trends are about embracing who you are and expressing that through your clothes.



Suede clothes are comfortable, easy to wear and they have a soft texture that everybody loves. No wonder designers decided to include suede in their collections two years in a row.

For a fashionable spring suede look, bright colors like teal and orange are the best options. For a classy vibe, pastels or neutrals are a better fit.



During spring and summer, ruffles are usually very common on the runaways and on the streets, but this year’s ruffles are a bit different. The ruffled clothes designed this year have an elegant Victorian vibe that can transform any outfit into a hit.

The Victorian ruffles were incorporated in skirts, dresses and tops and they look amazing in black and white.

Off the shoulder


Another classic spring-summer trend that got a makeover is the off-the-shoulder trend. Incorporated in halter-neck tops, combined with ruffles and embellishments for a dramatic effect, off-the-shoulder dresses and tops are as fashionable as they can get this season.



Pleated skirts are very loved lately, but this year the love for pleats should also include dresses.

Easy to wear and screaming femininity, these dresses are perfect for those busy days when style is important.



Plaids are often found in fall/winter collections, in brown/red shades and with a boho flair attached to them. This spring plaids are presented in a completely different light. Incorporated in office outfits or casual wear, plaids can make powerful fashion statements if they are combined with a fearless attitude.



When the Victorian ruffles were not enough, designers included the Latino atmosphere in the forms of beautifully made dresses, skirts and tops. The classics, red and black, were obviously a choice for the Latino inspired collections, but some pretty uncommon patterns and colors were also featured to give this trend a new creative life.



You cannot have enough stripes! This seems to be the mindset when it comes to all past years collections. This season is not an exception and it offers many striped alternatives. Stripes can be perfect for boho outfits, business attire and casual-chic looks.

Light denim


If there is a constant on the runaway that is the denim. We see it every single year in various shapes or forms. Denim  is always present one way or another so in what way is it present in this season? In a lighter form, in dresses and skirt and not only jeans, in many shades of blue, simple or with embellishments. Denim is certainly for everybody this year!

Floral prints

Flower prints

This year’s flowers are very romantic or very courageous with a touch of realism. We can no longer say that flowers are for girly girls, especially this year! Even the pastel flower prints are more edgy this year.