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Forecasting Fashion Trends

Laura Tolentino

Fashion trend forecasting involves anticipating which styles, colors, and fabrics will become trendy over the coming seasons. It involves conducting ...

7 Garconne Fashion Trends

Laura Tolentino

After World War I had concluded, a fashion trend known as Garconne style became fashionable among women. This new androgynous ...

Unexpected Fashion Trends

Laura Tolentino

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fashion trends in Spain

Fashion Trends in Spain

Laura Tolentino

Spaniards take great pride in their appearance. In style-conscious cities like Madrid and Barcelona, this includes eschewing worn clothing. Below ...

denim overalls - 90s fashion

The Hottest 90s Fashion Trends Are Making a Comeback

Laura Tolentino

Fashion trends of the 1990s were an eclectic blend of old and new; some styles harked back to earlier eras ...

Casual Chic Fashion Style

Laura Tolentino

The casual fashion style is no longer recommended only for the weekend and you can easily adopt it during the ...

Boho Chic Fashion Style Overview

Laura Tolentino

Boho Chic stands out as a fashion style that is highly influenced by hippie and bohemian elements. The style was ...

What Will Be The Hottest Fashion Colors in 2017?

Laura Tolentino

Color Of The Year Pantone decided that Greenery is the color of 2017 and with that said it is safe ...

9 Spring and Summer Trends 2016

Laura Tolentino

This year’s spring-summer trends are a celebration of femininity in all its forms. Pastels and bright colors, ruffles and leather, ...

Autumn 2015 Fashion Trends

Laura Tolentino

Since we are right in the middle of summer, it is obvious that we need to start thinking about what ...

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