A Guide to Clean Beauty Products

Laura Tolentino

clean beauty products
clean beauty products

Consumer demand for clean beauty products is increasing. Shoppers will spend around $22 billion on clean beauty brands by 2024!

There’s a good reason why. Clean beauty products are free from toxins, chemicals, and irritating ingredients. Not only that, but they’re better for the environment. 

Beauty products are lightly regulated in the US. That means you have to be vigilant as a consumer about what you’re putting on your body. By buying safe beauty products, you’re protecting your skin, body, and planet. 

Read on to learn what clean beauty is and why you’ll want to incorporate it into your routine. 

Simple and Safe

Clean beauty products are free of toxins and skin irritants. The term “clean beauty” is not regulated which means as a consumer you’ll want to read ingredients. With clean beauty, there should only be a few ingredients anyway.

Do your research on a brand to make sure they’re established and safe. Cleanbeauty.com, for example, has prioritized simple, safe formulas since 2003.

Healthy beauty products will be free of synthetic fragrances. Clean beauty brands will only include synthetic ingredients if they’re non-toxic. For example, some preservatives are not all-natural, but they’ll always be safe. 

Ethical Products

Trusted clean beauty brands work ethically meaning they’ll only use non-toxic ingredients. It also means that these brands pay close attention to their impact on the environment.

Many clean beauty brands are cruelty-free. This means no products are tested on lab animals.

It also means these beauty products will contain ingredients obtained lawfully. Companies will ensure there is no child labor or exploitation in their supply chains.

Transparent Ingredient Lists

You may have noticed clean beauty is big on the list of beauty trends out there. That’s because consumers are more aware of toxins in their beauty products.

In Europe, there are over 1000 forbidden ingredients for beauty products. In the United States, there are only 11 banned by the FDA. That’s why so many consumers are turning to clean products to keep themselves safe.

These banned ingredients may lead to inflammation, illness, and skin irritation. Clean beauty brands will be open with you about their ingredients.

Be wary of anything containing parabens, synthetic fragrances, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, and phthalates. Always check the ingredients list for these offenders to make sure the brand is as clean as it seems. 

Incorporate Clean Beauty Products

Clean beauty goes beyond branding. A company may have packaging that claims it is organic or natural. That doesn’t always mean it is clean.

This is why you need to check the ingredients until you trust the brand. A trustworthy clean brand will always show you exactly what is in the product. Look for products with recyclable packaging and ethical sourcing.

It can feel like a lot to do all at once to start using clean beauty products. Instead of pressuring yourself to switch at once, start small. Switch out your old products for clean products as they expire and run out.

Over time you can slowly build out your clean beauty collection.

You’ll Never Want To Go Back

Once you start using clean beauty products you’ll notice a difference. Many people notice an improvement in their acne and inflammation. Not only that but by using healthy beauty products you’re reducing harm to the earth too.

Clean beauty products are more accessible than ever. By using them, your body will benefit from safe, clean ingredients.  

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