New Age Fashion: 5 Ways to Style Crystal Jewelry

Laura Tolentino

If you’re a fashion enthusiast, you know that crystal is a piece of very versatile jewelry that goes well in many types of outfits, whether you like a more edgy look or an elegant one.

Crystals have more than just gorgeous aesthetics. They are helpful in alternative therapies due to their healing properties (although not scientifically proven yet).

Some claim that this beautiful type of stone emits vibrations (which can be calming, positive, energizing, and so on), helping people feel better (both mentally and physically).

Whether you believe in the healing properties of crystals or not, there’s no denying that this piece can be a wonderful accessory to style your outfits.

Continue to read to learn five ways to style crystal jewelry.

1. Pick the Right Earrings

Whether you prefer maximalist or minimalistic looks, earrings are a fantastic accessory to add. 

You should note that earrings are in the field of vision for anybody you might chat with most of the time. It’s best to opt for earrings suitable for you that frame your face and goes well with your makeup, hair, eye color, and skin color. 

Here’s a top tip: try wearing a messy bun with crystal studs (amethyst or red agate is a great choice) or teardrop earrings (for a relaxed, casual look). Both look good. 

2. Up Your Game With Chain Layers

If you never tried chain layering, you can start by wearing a few chains with smaller crystals.

However, if you’re ready to try something bolder, try using three necklaces with different chain lengths and smaller rocks as pendants on each necklace. 

To avoid a ”messy” look, opt to wear one bigger crystal in one of the chains. As long as you coordinate with your outfit, you’re going to wear the ultimate trendy look. 

3. Turn Basic Into Stylish

One of the easiest ways to turn the most basic look into an eye-catching one is by adding colorful jewelry. For instance, a dark blue jasper necklace, which you can shop here, looks fantastic over a white blouse with denim shorts. 

You may consider getting matching earrings or bracelets to complete the look.

4. Add Elegance with Delicate Pieces

Sometimes, you want to keep your outfit as the main focus of your look and not your handmade crystal jewelry. Kate Middleton does that too, and she still looks flawless. 

A tiny bit of color and sparkle in the right places is enough to make a statement. For instance, a jasper necklace (light green or light blue) is enough to complete a more sophisticated look.

If you’re not into necklaces, jasper sterling silver drop earrings (light blue, red, purple-blue) can be fantastic to add a bit of color and shine to your cocktail dress. 

5. Be Bold: Mix Different Crystals

Since the ”fashion police” no longer care whether we mix gold and silver, I guess the same rule applies to crystals. 

Remember: your accessory will be a piece of healing crystal jewelry. It doesn’t matter if you believe it not. Like horoscopes and New Year’s Eve superstitions, think of the potential each real crystal jewelry can bring, instead of whether you believe it or not. 

Think about combining pieces like a lapis lazuli wrap bracelet (blue accessory) with dark green jasper sterling silver drop earrings. Surely, it will make your outfit more vibrant. 

Crystal Jewelry: Timeless and Beautiful

A piece of handmade gemstone jewelry can be a timeless accessory, even though it’s considered ”trendy” now. 

Dressing up is meant to be fun. Enjoy styling your outfits with beautifully natural crystal jewelry and leverage on the healing properties.