A Quick Guide to Buying a Watch Online

Laura Tolentino

When you need a new watch, consider taking your search online. Not only will you save time, but you also will gain the convenience of accessing tons of options at the click of a button. How do you get started?

Read on to find a quick guide to buying a watch online!

Know Your Budget When Buying Watches

Are you looking to keep your watch budget under $100? Or do you have a little more money set aside? While you might not see a huge appreciation in value, even with the best watch, you’ll get a better product for a little more money.

Investigate mechanical versus automatic movements. With mechanical movements, you won’t need to replace a watch battery. And compare prices of used versus new watches to see if certain brands hold their value.

Established in 1881, Seiko offers some of the highest quality watches on the market today. They manufacture their own movements and created the first quartz watch in 1969. When you get a quality watch, you’ll gain a reliable watch that also looks good!

Consider the Scale When You Buy a Watch

When buying a watch online, pay attention to the measurements listed on the website. Keep a ruler handy so you can see how the watch might look on your wrist. 

For instance, you’ll want to look at the case diameter. A bigger face on a watch can make it easier to read — but it might feel too big on your wrist. Similarly, watches that are thicker than the standard of 14 millimeters might feel heavy.

Buying a Watch Online Means Knowing Your Design Preferences

Do you want your watch to be sleek and understated? Or do you want a watch that commands attention at your next holiday party? Consider what style matches your personality and preferences. 

You can get a field watch that features only the time and date. This timeless style may feature a canvas or leather band. And it goes with just about anything!

For a little more showiness, get a racing watch. You’ll be able to find these watches with glossy metal bands. And you’ll get a watch with a larger face and a bolder aesthetic! 

Don’t Overlook the Band

When you buy a watch, don’t forget to assess the band. You want a band that coordinates with the dominant colors in your wardrobe — and feels comfortable on your wrist. From leather to metal, the options are endless.

Try suede for something a little less traditional. Or go with a metal chain for a look that’s clean and industrial. Take a look at your closet and see how the primary colors and patterns will match a given band.

Understand How to Buy a Watch Online

Buying a watch online requires that you set a budget and do some research. You’ll want to understand what you get for the price, and how you can maintain the watch. And, of course, you’ll want a watch that matches your sense of style!

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