A Guide to Choosing Shoes to Prevent Foot Pain

Laura Tolentino

You’re out shopping, and you find an amazing pair of shoes that you feel is perfect for you. However, this shoe doesn’t fit you well. The salesperson convinces you that with time your feet will conform to the new shoes.

About 63 to 72% of people wear shoes of either the wrong length or width. These people assume they break into the new shoes quickly. Is it really worth it to develop foot pain just to look fashionable in your new shoes?

Here is a guide to choosing shoes to prevent foot pain.

The Shoe Material

Many people have no clue about the common materials used to make shoes. These people only go for the looks and don’t think that the shoe’s material affects comfort. The problem is that some shoes are made of inferior materials that cause foot pain.

After a long day of walking wearing the wrong shoes, your feet will be smelly and blistered. To relieve foot pain, wear memory foam flip flops. These flip flops are light-weighted and offer your feet incredible support.

Go Shoes’ Shopping in the Afternoon

Have you noticed that your shoes get tighter and uncomfortable in the afternoon and evening? The reason is that your feet get wider and longer due to gravity as the day goes by. That means that your feet are usually bigger in the afternoon than in the morning.

To ensure you get the right shoe shop during these periods when your feet have expanded. That’s why the ideal time to go shoe shopping is in the afternoon and evening.

Ignore the Shoe Size Instead Wear the Shoes and Walk a few Steps

Two pairs of shoes may have the same size number, yet one is bigger than the other. That’s why it’s a mistake to purchase shoes without fitting them. The idea is to get comfortable shoes, irrespective of the size number on the tag.

If you’re buying shoes online, research whether the manufacturer adheres to standard size numbers or not. Check recommendations from other consumers to know the ideal shoe size to order. For instance, if you wear a shoe size number 7, you may get a recommendation to order size 6 or 8 online.

Examine the Soles

The best shoes are the ones with sturdy soles that protect your feet from sharp objects. Try walking wearing the shoes on different surfaces to examine the soles. Pay attention to the sensations on your feet.

Check if the soles offer adequate cushioning to your feet, especially if you intend to wear the shoes for long-distance walking or running.

Prevent Foot Pain by Choosing the Right Shoes

Foot pain will prevent you from going out dancing or taking long nature walks. You must take all necessary precautions to prevent this pain. That’s why you should strive to find the right shoes to buy.

The idea is to get shoes that fit your feet well and offer you the support you need when walking.

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