Avoid These Common Suit Wearing Mistakes

Laura Tolentino

When it comes to menswear, the suit is the most iconic fashion statement one can make. It has a truly timeless style, marking the real foundation of formal wardrobe for men. Unfortunately, although the suit has been around for such a long time and at first glance it is really easy to make it work as a statement, most people make mistakes when they wear a suit. That is why we should highlight the really common mistakes that way too many make when they want to put on a suit.

Blunders With Buttoning

Correctly buttoning up the jacket is not that difficult but getting it right seems to be way too difficult for many. The rule of thumb is to never button the bottom button in waistcoats and jackets. You only do so when you wear a one button piece. If you have a 2 button jacket you just button the top one. If you have four buttons, it is better to choose another one. Also, when you take a seat, be sure that you unbutton everything.


Suit cuffs seem like small details but the difference can be huge. You should always have around half an inch of the shirt’s sleeve visible at the jacket’s end. When you do not do this, the jacket is way too long or the shirt is simply too short. Get it right.

Wrong Trouser Length

There are not many things that will ruin your suit like having trousers that are too long. You cannot fix this. The only solution is to get a tailor to hem legwear so that it will touch lace top. Never go lower or you will end up with back whispers and ankle pooling.

Wearing Too Many Accessories

Accessories highlight style and personality. People often love pocket squares, tie bars or pocket watches. However, when they are all combined, problems appear. You should accentuate but when you overdo it there is a certainty that you will not look great. Make sure that you always get the right amount and that you do not overdo it.

Problems With Leathering Up

Leathers are often very important for the entire suit ensemble. We see it in belts, watch straps, shoes and more. What you have to do is to be sure that embellishments will not sabotage the attire. It is fundamentally important to match leathers or style will not be great. Do be sure that all the leathers you choose are in the exact same color family. Different shades will destroy the entire suit, no matter how great it is.

For an extra tip, be sure that suit colors and leather colors will correspond. As an example, never go for a black suit with navy or brown leathers. That would make everything look horrible.