Stylish Female Movie Stars Over 50

Laura Tolentino

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When it comes to fashion there are no age boundaries, style is eternal, it does not age, it does not go away. On the contrary, if a woman is comfortable in her body, her style can become more elegant, more personal and more bold over the years. Some actresses over 50 have developed a sense of style that transcends time and age and that should be celebrated and highlighted more often in the media because these actresses’ style is a great example of courage and determination. It is not easy to maintain a style icon status when you’re competing with younger women however, these beautiful, stylish actresses over 50 are not competing, they simply win!

We should all follow these celebrities and learn from their style choices because, after all, they are the most stylish actresses over 50:

Julianne Moore, 55Julianne Moore style

Julianne Moore is always a vibrant presence on the red carpet. She is not afraid of bright colors, in fact she embraces them and she loves them. From emerald green, yellow to pink and various red shades, Julianne Moore loves to wear bold colors that create the best contrast with her beautiful green eyes and red hair. Her look is refined, elegant and it always shows her amazing personality.

Catherine Deneuve, 72

Catherine-Deneuve-fashionAt 72, Catherine Deneuve is still a presence that cannot be ignored on the red carpet or in any other occasion. The French actress makes bold fashion choices and is not afraid to wear some of the most courageous designer dresses. Her attitude, posture, hair and make-up are always impeccable. Some may consider her outfit choices too bold for her age but we commend her for staying true to herself and not letting age getting in the way of her amazing fashion sense.

Kristin Scott Thomas, 56

When it comes to classy outfits and timeless fashion choices, Kristin Thomas will always win. The British actress knows how to make all the classics look absolutely stunning. The black and white combo will never look boring if it is worn by the actress. The diamonds and gold jewelry will always shine brighter on her. Her style  is what most people describe as effortlessly chic.

Helen Mirren, 71

Helen Mirren red carpet outfitHelen Mirren should be on all the best dressed lists since at 71 she can pull of so many different outfits. Her make-up and hair styles are always spot on and her outfits are always chic, stylish and powerful. The actress is the living proof that style does gets better with age and the boring, dry, no-shape, age-appropriate clothes should disappear from every woman’s wardrobe.

What we love the most about Helen Mirren’s style is that she knows how to wear colors that flatter her skin tone and accentuate her beautiful eyes. Another amazing aspect of her outfits is that they are always perfectly fit – not too tight, not too loose, just perfect.

Tilda Swinton, 55

Tilda-Swinton-stylishTilda Swinton is another actress who became more powerful and confident in her style choices throughout the years. When it comes to her red carpet choices, the actress is not going for the safe and classy dresses. Instead, she is choosing sculptural designs that are bold and badass. Her androgynous silhouette is perfect for the bold cuts. If you are looking for a woman who looks particularly stunning in a suit, look no more! Tilda Swinton knows how to transform a suit into powerful and sexy statement.