How To Avoid Being Scammed When Buying Luxury Perfumes Online


There are so many people out there that will tell you they save more than 60% when they buy perfumes online. This sounds great, right? Well, while it is completely normal to pay less when you buy anything from the internet, such a discount rate basically highlight the fact that what they buy is fake.

People love specific scents. This is especially true for women. When we go for something that is special, luxurious, like Bvlgari perfume for women, we sometimes end up not being able to afford to pay. That is something that is totally understandable. However, when you buy a fake perfume, you lose your money completely and it would have been a lot better to just buy an original. It would last a whole lot longer and you actually end up spending less by buying originals. We say this because one real perfume bottle will last around 3 times longer than the fake ones. You do the math!


Avoid Scam

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Since it is clear that you need to avoid the online scammers, make sure that you follow these tips:

  1. Always buy when a return policy exists – this might include restocking charges.
  2. Test the perfume when it arrives. Take a bottle of the real thing and apply on your right wrist. Take the one you bought from the internet and apply on your left write. Wait and see if differences appear. As time passes, you can easily notice if what you bought is not actually the real thing. If you do not have an authentic product, go to the local beauty store and use a tester. Quickly go out and apply the one you bought online on the other hand. If you were scammed, warn everyone you know both online and offline.
  3. If you followed tip number 1, you can return the product when it is a fake. You lose some money but at least you do not lose everything.
  4. Only trust established online stores that people talk about. This is quite important. Anyone can basically build a web store and based on the investment budget available, site owners can hire search engine optimization companies to make their sites appear high on the list of search results. Just because you found a store on page 1 in Google does not guarantee that quality products are sold.
  5. Reviews help out a lot! Above we said that you should warn others if you got ripped off. Most people that buy online already do that. If the store that you buy from is run by a scammer, you will surely find reviews that highlight this fact. When you see many people that complain, avoid that store.

Keep in mind that it will take some time until you find an online store that you can actually trust. However, it is worth the wait and the eventual financial losses since when you do find it, you can buy in the future and always have the guarantee that you receive something authentic.