Tips On How To Dress Based On Body Shape


Fashion is usually linked to dressing with the purpose of impressing someone but you cannot just put on anything that you find. It is really important that you dress smart and that you know exactly what better accentuates the body that you have.

Women usually try to lose weight or modify their body in order to reach what they see as a perfect body figure. What many do not understand is that in most situations we have a body that cannot drastically be changed.

Let us go through the different body shapes that women can have and try to offer some tips about what clothes to choose. Before you use your Benefit cosmetics, go to the gym to lose weight or buy whatever you find until you find something that you like, you want to read this.


Shopping for clothes
By Jorge Franganillo under CC BY 2.0


The Hourglass Body

This is the most common of all shapes and is characterized by a big bust, plenty of curves, wide hips and a small waist. In this case you should try to wear pencil cut skirts, fitting clothes or V-Neck tops. Avoid loose-fitted or tops that conceal shape.

The Apple Body

The apple shape showcases small thighs and hips but heavy tops. Such a shape is better looking when you accentuate ankles, cleavage and calves. There are many women that will add different clothing layers while wearing pants that have buttons on the front. This is a mistake. It is better to wear jeans that have zippers or buttons on the side so that you can put the attention on the correct areas. A-Line dresses and solid colors are recommended while formal tops and knee-length skirts also look great. Make sure that the chosen fabric offers a suitable fall.

The Rectangle Body

This shape sees women with athletic figures and a distribution of weight that is equal all around the body, together with lesser curves. It is a good idea to enhance the figure by using dresses and various patterns. That should add extra dimension to the woman’s body. When you wear extreme designs or blouses that have ruffles, you will break out of that single shape line.

The Pear Body

Such women have petite breasts with plump thighs and heavy bottoms. It is a good idea to hide your busty thighs and draw as much attention as possible away from those problem areas. A bareback dress, high heel boots and flowy skirts, boot-cut pants and long tops work great.

The Petite Body

A petite woman is short and has a smaller frame. If you fall in this category, you will need to choose those clothes that fit well while choosing vertical lines so that the body can be elongated. You should also use V or U-shaped tops. Lighter fabrics are a good idea and you should never wear a short skirt. Knee length skirts are a lot better.

Every woman can be sexy if she feels sexy and she dresses appropriately. No matter what body shape you fall into, try to learn as much as possible about what you should do. Details are always important and just one extra accessory can make you look a lot better. Learn from the celebrities, the designers and the internet! So many information sources exist. Use them!