Balmain Ready To Wear Fall Collection 2016 Review And Styling Tips

Laura Tolentino

With Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid as models, Balmain ready to wear fall collection had to be an approachable collection meant to be loved by the Instagram followers of the famous models. The collection was meant for the real women of today who have curves and are not afraid to show them in beautifully designed clothes. As Rousteing said, “Curves are really important today because the women of today are really curvy, and they’re an inspiration, like hip-hop stars, reality stars.” As most fashion enthusiasts noticed, the Balmain ready to wear collection for fall was inspired by Kim Kardashian’s outfits and her overall fashion style.

Balmain RTW Fall 2016

Colors And Fabrics Featured In Balmain Ready To Wear Fall Collection 2016

The outfits on the runaway were mainly in pastel tones or neutrals. Icy-grey, pale pink, light-mint, beige, green and a touch of black, white plus gold and silver accents here in there, where the main focus of this collection.

When it comes to fabrics, the collection was created using soft textures like agora, velvet and suede, but also sheer materials like lace. The embellishments were mainly pearls and crystals.

Balmain RTW Fall 2016

Styles Featured In Balmain Ready To Wear Fall Collection 2016

From corsetry to over-sized jackets, onion-shapes skirts, padded peplums, sheer ruffled pants and jabot blouses, the collection was meant to accentuate a tiny waist and a large derriere. The clothes were designed to perfectly fit a pear shaped body that is similar to Kim’s or to create the illusion of a body that resembles Kim’s.

Balmain RTW Fall 2016

How To Wear Balmain Ready To Wear Fall Collection 2016?

The pear shaped women can select from a variety of clothing articles that will emphasize their curvy silhouette. Since the lower body is bigger in this profile, the upper body needed some extra volume in order to create a harmonious figure. With that in mind, Rousteing added shoulder pads, off the shoulder tops and various decorative elements to the clothing articles designed for the upper body. The hips and derriere area are obviously embraced by hyper-fitted clothing articles that will surely accentuate the silhouette.

Balmain RTW Fall 2016

Women who dream of having Kim Kardashian’s body can select from the clothes that were specifically designed to create the illusion of the silhouette we talked about. They can choose from the corsetry in order to create the tiny waist effect if their waist is not well defined and, in order to add volume to their hips, they can wear the ruffled sheer lace pants, the onion-shaped skirts or the skirts that have fur accents.

Balmain RTW Fall 2016

Love it or hate it, there are no in-betweens when it comes to Balmain ready to wear fall collection. Women who have the type of silhouette that inspired the collection will be most probably happy they can find something created especially with their bodies in mind, even though the lacey ruffled pants are definitely not for everybody. The women who always dreamed of having a more curvaceous body can play with the volumes, textures and embroideries featured in the collection to visually create the silhouette they desire. A great thing about this collection is that, even though it is designed for a specific body type, it can be adopted by any woman who wants to change her appearance and try something new at least for one day.