Valentino Haute Couture Collection Fall-Winter 2016

Laura Tolentino

Valentino Haute Couture Collection Fall-Winter 2016

The first week of July 2016 was, for fashion lovers around the world, the haute couture Paris fashion week. Designers presented their haute couture collections for fall and winter in impressive fashion shows.

Valentino is one of those designer brands that always amazes the public with elegant, impressive designs and beautiful runaway presentations.

This year, during haute couture week in Paris, Valentino presented a luxurious collection inspired by the cardinals and bishops era. The collection was presented with Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet music in the background for a good dose of added drama.

Valentino’s haute couture fall-winter 2016 collection is a modern reinterpretation of the Shakespearian era, a story of love, power, romance, courage and determination. Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli managed to put together romance and drama in fashion, and to create yet another majestic Valentino collection that won’t be easily forgotten.

Besides the classical white and black that were so popular during the era, the designers wanted to recreate through this haute couture collection, some red imposing or negligee style dresses were also included. There is no Valentino collection without some red masterpieces so the ones included in this Tudor/Renaissance inspired collection are truly remarkable and commanding.

Valentino Haute Couture Collection Fall-Winter 2016 1

Valentino Haute Couture Collection FW2016 Elements

The imposing Renaissance collars, the ermine capelets, the authoritative capes and the embellishments were the main point of attraction in the fall-winter haute couture Valentino collection.

The reinterpretation of the Tudor era also included some pirate accents incorporated in the elegant gowns or the ruffled shirts and drainpipe trousers. The riding boots and ruffled collars were used to add even more clothing drama.

Valentino Haute Couture Collection Fall-Winter 2016 2

When it comes to the materials used in this Valentino haute couture collection, taffeta was the preferred choice for the bold, imposing gowns, while chiffon and tulle were chosen for the romantic gowns inspired by Romeo and Juliet’s story.

Valentino Haute Couture Collection Fall-Winter 2016 3

The contrasts between the romantic and delicate dresses inspired by Juliet’s imagined wardrobe and the dramatic capes and gowns in bold colors like red or luxurious bronze shades brought the presentation even closer to Shakespeare’s love story. If you watched the Valentino show you must’ve felt the passion, the feelings and the emotions that each and every clothing article was meant to communicate.

It’s hard not to like Valentino’s collection since, even though it is inspired by such a representative historical era for fashion that all fashion lovers admire, it has some amazing contrasts that were put together in a majestic way that not only makes it remarkable, but it also makes you want to transpose yourself into a Shakespeare’s play in order to be able to wear the beautiful clothing articles.

Even though it is quite imposing, the collection is also very feminine. The chiffon or organza dresses tell a story of a romantic feminine approach, while the powerful, theatrical gowns show the femininity embraced by strong women.

When you try to recreate a classic, you need to pay attention to details, styles, but also to add a trademark that will make people associate the collection with your brand. These two well-loved designers who work together to create Valentino collections managed to do that and more.