Beauty Tips For Truly Wonderful Hair And Skin

Laura Tolentino

We all want skin that is smooth and clear. We want silky, voluminous and strong hair, all without having to go to the salon every single time and spend a lot of money. Unfortunately, these desires also lead to trusting everything that is said and buying products that simply cannot help. You cannot rely on all that is written online.

The good news is there are many different things that do work and that you can do when you want perfect skin and hair. The following beauty tips are surely going to help you.

When You Have Oily, Combination And Dull Skin

Make a cream out of iced yoghurt with some extra sugar added. Use it to massage your skin. Then, take some orange halves and scrub them gently, just until granules melt. You also want to wash your face with the use of iced water. If you do all this, a difference will be noticed.

When You Have Dry, Tired And Dull Skin

Use papaya to massage your skin. Your wish is to make a scrub out of honey and mixing oats. Add some cold milk and then scrub your skin. After you scrub your skin, wash off with the use of ice cold water and milk. Make sure you pat the skin dry.

When You Have Frizzy Hair

There is a spray that is really easy to make in the comfort of your own home. Take two lemon slices and then simmer them in water. Two extra cups of water are enough. Simmer until the liquid is reduced by half. You end up with a liquid that should be added to a regular spritz bottle. Then, spray it on the hair. If you do this you end up with natural sheen. Also, you will notice that fly away and static hair will no longer be a problem.

When Natural Hair Color Is Affected

When your hair has brownish tinge and there is no time available to color it. What you want to do is use some rosemary. Simmer just a few sprigs in water, two cups. Add 2 teaspoons of black tea. Just as before, simmer until half of the liquid is lost. Mix what you get with a quarter of a cup of shampoo. Every time you wash your hair, use the mixture. You want to leave the shampoo on hair for a quarter of an hour. This will make a huge difference.

When You Want A Smooth Back

Sometimes you just want to show off your back with a lovely low back blouse or a choli. If this is the case and there is no time for a good body scrub, there is a home remedy that is fast and does wonders. Just take one sea salt cup and mix it with olive oil. Just half a cup should be enough. You need to add five sandalwood oil drops and then mix really well. Take the mixture and store it inside a jar. Use it to scrub body areas that you want other people to see. Use a wet towel to wipe off your skin with the mixture.

When You Have Dark Circles And Under Eye Bags

After you drink chamomile tea, take the bags and put them inside your freezer. Then, grate half of a large cucumber. Mix well and massage the entire area around your eyes. Lie on your back and put tea bags on the eyes for just ten minutes. The eyes will end up feeling and looking a lot better.

When You Need A Quick Face Lift

You want to wash the face with some ice water. Alternatively, take an ice cube with an added honey teaspoon and apply it on the face. Be sure that you beat one egg white until the peak and use that to brush the skin. Make it dry and the skin will end up feeling stretched. Then, wash with water that is icy cold.

When You Have Tired Eyes

When you spend a lot of time at work and you also need to go shopping or organizing other things, much needs to be considered. The entire experience can be tiring. An eye wash will help you feel a lot more refreshed.

Take some iced spring water, add it to a bowl and then add some rose water, just a few drops. Add in 3 drops of honey and mix. Immerse your eyes into the bowl. Try to open the eyes for a few seconds and then close them. You can throw away this liquid and be sure you use two separate bowls, one for each eye. When this move is done, splash your eyes with some cold mineral water.

Keep in mind that it is possible that some redness might appear. However, it is going to disappear after some time and the eyes end up feeling refreshed in just minutes.

When You Need Some Quick Hair Care

If you have oily hair and there is no time to blow dry or shampoo, it is time to rely on another hair care tip. Take some amla powder and talcum. Add these to the hair brush. Overturn hair over the head and be sure you brush right from the neck nape towards hair tips. In just a few minutes you end up with oil free hair.