What Do Supermodels Eat To Stay Slim?

Laura Tolentino

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When you look at the top supermodels from all around the world you instantly see that they are always in tip-top shape. Why is that? Everything revolves around exercising, rest and nutrition. Most models exercise at least one time daily and do follow a very strict diet.

The truth is that most people cannot go everything that is needed to be a top supermodel. Besides those sexy heels and having to wear them without falling on a runway, much more needs to be done. Diet is a huge part of being a model and looking truly glamorous. If you want to look like those supermodels, you need to know what that means.

Here are some of the things that the supermodels do with their diet in order to remain slim.

Eating Three Square Meals

One of the really common diet elements that supermodels use is eating three square meals per day. This is different than what is normally recommended, eating every few hours. Many of the Victoria’s Secret models avoid snacks so that they do not have to deal with temptation. The idea is that they do eat dessert from time to time but they do it when they eat their main meal.

Generally, the breakfast is light and the portion that is eaten during dinner and lunch are normal. This makes the immune system stronger while healing digestive track. Time spent between meals can vary from 3 to 6 hours.

No Dairy Products

Cutting out dairy is also something that is quite popular among top models. Unfortunately, this does include ice cream. The good news is that dairy products can be replaced. Two of the really popular options are coconut milk and almond milk. One of the huge advantages here is that such replacements do not bloat.

Bloating is a much more common problem than what you might think. A model cannot deal with the associated discomfort, especially when thinking about wearing lingerie.

Zero Crazy Diets

Supermodels do not use crazy diets. They workout hard, have top equipment like a standing heavy bag, and rest as much as the body needs. While not all models remove dairy products, most of them do follow a healthy nutrition plan. They do not go for a crazy diet. They eat their sweet potatoes, chicken and good nutrients. They remove the bad nutrients and never use aggressive dieting. Eating in moderation is always a lot better than any diet advertised on the internet.

Portion control is something that models often use. By controlling portions they manage to have the same weight for a long period of time. Snacking might be in place but if this is the case, the model is careful about how often and how much is consumed during a snack.

Proper Hydration

Proper hydration is vital for the model because of many different reasons. For starters, the model needs to avoid dehydration at all costs since this automatically ruins the body. Then, we need to mention that when you drink enough water on a daily basis you do speed up your metabolism.

At the same time, it is really important that alcohol is avoided. While you often see the models with a glass of champagne in their hands, they do not actually drink it. This is just for the image. Alcohol avoidance is one of the most important parts of a model’s diet.