The Best Winter Hat Styles for Your Face Shape

Laura Tolentino

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The Best Winter Hat Styles for Your Face Shape

Finding a hat that is flattering for your face shape is as important as finding clothes that look good on your body type. No matter how much you like a hat, you have to consider your face shape before buying and wearing it. This short guide will help you to find the best winter hat styles for your face shape.

Heart Face Shape

Heart Face Shape hatsYour face has a wide forehead and a narrow chin and in order to balance this out you should avoid wide hats that will make your chin appear even wider. Shorter brim hats are better since they do not accentuate your jaw line. Knit sock hats are a good idea (as long as they are soft knit) for winter and so are those stylish caps. Fedoras are also an option if it’s not very cold during winter.

Winter hat styles for heart face shape: fedoras, short brim hats, stylish caps.

What to avoid: wide brim hats, thick-neat sock hats and beanies.

Long Face Shape

hats for Long Face ShapeIn order to balance your face shape, you should avoid wearing hats positioned at the top of your hairline. Choose hats that create width instead of length. Berets and other hats that reach the top of your forehead will make your face less elongated. if you opt for a beret, make sure you wear it properly.

Winter hat styles for long face shape: hats that cut across the forehead, wide brim hats, fitted crown hats, floppy hats, trapper hats.

What to avoid: short brim hats, beanies or hats that are made to be worn above the hairline, shallow crown hats.

Oval Face Shape

Oval Face Shape winter hatsYou can wear any type of hat without worrying that you won’t look good or stylish. You don’t have to balance out narrow angles or to avoid adding volume to your face.

Winter hat styles for long face shape: pretty much everything, just make sure you love the style.
What to avoid
: any hat style you don’t like.

Round Face Shape

winter hat for round face shapeIf you have a round face shape, you should avoid wearing round hats, floppy hats and any other hat style that will make your face appear fuller than it already is. Search for hats that create the illusion of length or for asymmetrical hats because they add more dimension to your face.

Winter hat styles for round face shape: fedoras, angular hats, asymmetrical hats, long sock hats and beanies, high crown hats, hats that are made to be worn above the hairline.
What to avoid
: circular hats, hats that cut across your forehead, soft brims, floppy hats.

Square Face Shape

Square Face Shape beretWide brim hats and very feminine hats are great for women who have a square face shape. Anything that will soften the jawline is great for women like you. Hats like fedoras will accentuate the shape of your face and if you want to balance the angles, you should avoid them. Instead, wear circular hats, berets and beanies to soften your features.

Winter hat styles for round face shape: floppy hats, beanies, berets, circular hats, round brim hats, cloche hats.
What to avoid
: fedoras and hats with angles.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the style that you wear is all about what you prefer and how you pair it with everything else. Take all our recommendations just as that.