Tips On How To Wear Denim Shirts Stylishly

Laura Tolentino

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A denim shirt can be really sexy, can complement different outfits and can basically be perfect for so many women. You should not fear the shirts. You would be able to combine them with so many other clothes and as long as the fit is perfect based on your body type, you will surely love the choice that you make. We will offer some really simple tips that will help you to wear denim shirts in a really stylish way.

Combine Different Washes

You should never wear jeans and denim shirts that have the same exact wash. That simply makes attires look bland, too casual and monotonous. Simply wear washes that are different. If the contrast is strong, the look will be really great. As a simple example, a white washed or light blue denim shirt can easily look great when combined with boot cut or skinny jeans.

Wear Denim Shirts As Jackets

If you do wear jeans and denim shirts, wear something extra under the shirt. We see denim as being neutral in fashion. This basically means that you can match many colors with denim. Consider wearing pink camisole tops or maybe a t-shirt that is fitted and black with the denim shirt. That makes you look quite stylish.

Wear Accessories With Denim Shirts

Accessories can always be great if combined with denim shirts. That offers a look that is really casual. For instance, using simple metal jewelry like silver hoop earrings, bangle bracelets and gold earrings will offer a really chic upgrade. In the event that you choose chunky gems, funky gems or similar, you would obtain an appearance that is carefree. Accessorize based on personal wishes and you will love the results.

Always Wear Appropriate Shoes

Denim as a material is obviously more casual. With this in mind, adding some proper shoes would be really interesting. Go for ultra feminine strappy heels only if you want to completely ruin the look. One of the best options is go use boots. Adding a brown fashion boot to your attire will make the entire look more casual and the black boots are going to offer some class.

Wear Classic Trousers With Denim Shirts

Take your fitted denim shirt and combine it with a pair of black, pinstripe, khaki or gray straight leg trousers. Combine everything with fitted blazer and you will simply love the result. Blazers that have classic colors like white, navy or gray would offer you a business casual look. Choose closed toe heels, simple jewelry and flats with classic trousers and you would look great.

Wear Leather Pants With Denim Shirts

The fitted leather pants will be perfectly paired with slouchy denim shirts in order to create edgy atmospheres. Wear shirts alone or highlight the feminine form with the leather pants and sparkly metallic tops. Lace-up boots will be interesting and jewelry that is chunky will surely make everything glam.

Keep in mind that these are just some examples of interesting ways in which you can wear denim shirts in a stylish way. You will surely find other options. What is important is to not limit your creativity and to always focus on your body type.