Black Purses

Laura Tolentino

Black can look incredible on every type of bag imaginable – from timeless classics to trendy it-bags. A croc-embossed selection from Brother Vellies makes an elegant nod to wicker while also being made of easy-care leather for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Charcoal gray can match virtually every hue from blue, red, yellow and white – making a black handbag truly remarkable! This versatility makes a black handbag truly remarkable and unique.

It’s Perfect for Casual Wear

Black purses can be an ideal solution for those not quite ready to commit fully to formal occasion bags, yet still want to stay stylish without overdoing it. A great way of staying fashionable without too much effort being expended on an ensemble, black pairs well with everything from jeans and a T-shirt look to more dressier attire like an office event or dinner with the boss.

If you need assistance dressing for an event or just some inspiration, fashion shows and magazines offer plenty of ideas and looks that could serve as guides. Runways this fall were filled with casual-chic ensembles suitable for most industry events – smart casual mixes dressier elements such as button up shirt tucked-in at waistline with more relaxed pieces such as bomber jacket and low profile brown high top sneakers for maximum impact.

Knitted polos make an ideal choice for this style of dress code. Offering more casual comfort than sweaters yet smarter looks than crew necks due to its collar, it makes an eye-catching layer when worn over tailoring or crisp jeans – offering both polished yet relaxed styles with classic and trendy influences.

At its core, smart casual style requires that one avoid anything that is too loud or casual; loud prints should generally be avoided, along with flip flops and hoodies. Furthermore, short or revealing clothing should also be avoided, and items with intricate details should also be steered clear of.

As for women, silk scarves are timeless classics and sophisticated choices for adding an air of sophistication and luxuriousness. Perfect to add an edge of luxury and elegance when worn over blouses with sleeves that extend past your wrists. As for men, dark jewel tones offer timeless prestige all year long; similar king-like velvet robes were traditionally dyed deep hues but modern versions can achieve similar effects through rich hues.

It’s a Statement Piece

Black handbags make a statement. Many people choose black as their first “grown-up” purse, whether that be quilted Chanel or Hermes Birkin bag – and trendier bags, like Prada nylon totes, Bottega Veneta Mini Jodie top-handles, Hermes St Louis top handles or Saint Laurent Mini Jodies come exclusively in black!

It’s Versatile

Black handbags are an indispensable staple. From basic large tote bags to sophisticated leather crossbody styles, you can pair one of these versatile purses with any outfit in your closet and still look fabulous.

Gray purses are one of the few colors that go with any ensemble, and come in an array of hues ranging from deep charcoal to light. From deep charcoal to lighter versions, select one that best complements your wardrobe’s color value – light gray works especially well when mixed with warm or cool hues and neutral tones such as white, yellow, and pink hues.

Brown purses are among the most versatile in your closet, matching any hue from dark tan to lighter hues in your clothing and jewelry selections. When choosing a brown bag, be sure to consider its impact against both your outfits and jewelry – the colors should complement each other well and compliment one another perfectly. White bags also work great; just select one slightly darker than cream so as not to look out of place against your clothing.

If white or brown bags don’t suit you, there are always metallic purses to consider, from silver pewter gold or rose gold hues. When choosing the metal tone of your handbag it should complement your jewelry tones rather than clash with them and enhance your outfit instead of overshadow it.

While I generally lean toward bold purses and colors, there are times when my outfit calls for something simpler yet chicer – which is when I reach for my LBB bag. From everyday casual to the latest it bag styles, sleek black styles never go out of style and will work seamlessly into your wardrobe for years.