Choosing a Necklace

Laura Tolentino

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Necklaces can add a fashionable accent to any ensemble and serve as key accessories on their own, with many factors contributing to finding the right necklace for any event.

Style may be your top consideration, but neck shape and height also play a part. Shorter styles work better for petite frames while opera necklaces and rope chains elongate taller individuals.


Material selection plays an integral role in necklace’s overall appearance. From precious metals like gold and silver, to beads, pearls, leather, and beyond – there is no shortage of options when it comes to necklace materials! Your selection can also reflect the type of style that speaks to you; whether bold and boho-chic or refined and traditional.

Material choice also plays an integral part in determining how comfortable a necklace feels to wear. Ideally, necklaces should be constructed of durable yet long-wearing material that won’t cause discomfort over extended wear periods – this is especially essential if your plan involves regularly donning one for extended periods.

Necklaces have long been seen as symbols of style, status, and belief. From the bone and shell necklaces of ancient civilisations to sleek gold chains of today, necklaces can add the final touches to any look. Common materials used for necklaces include gold, silver, beads and pearls; some necklaces even contain pendants, lockets or crosses!

When choosing the length of a necklace, it’s essential to take your body proportions into account. The exact point where it rests will vary based on factors like your height, neck width and torso size – for instance short necklaces (Princess) tend to work better with heart-shaped faces while medium length (Matinee) may suit rounder features better.

Weight can also have an impactful impact on necklace comfort. Heavy necklaces may exert strain and cause pain or discomfort to neck and shoulders; lighter necklaces tend to be more comfortable but aren’t as functional or versatile.

Finding the ideal necklace can be a challenging endeavor, but with some knowledge of necklace proportions and shapes you can easily select the piece to complement your neckline and look beautiful. Take time when selecting a new necklace to measure its length without considering pendants or charms that might be attached – you might be amazed how much difference having the correct chain length makes! For versatility try layering them instead: thicker chains may prevent your necklaces tangling.


Pendant necklaces are the focal points of any look, adding both character and flair. Though selecting one may seem easy, selecting the perfect pendant requires careful consideration of length, material and design – which will ultimately help you select an accessory that embodies your personal style perfectly.

The shape of your neckline plays an integral part in how well a necklace appears; certain styles work better when worn at certain lengths. For instance, a V-neck usually looks best with shorter necklaces that sit closer to the collarbone while scoop necks tend to suit necklaces that hang lower down the body. Necklace length also depends on personal comfort – if your job requires physical labor or you enjoy engaging in physical activities frequently then selecting shorter chains could reduce distraction from daily tasks and activities.

When selecting a pendant, it is essential to consider both its size and weight. While smaller pendants may be more delicate and subdued in appearance, larger ones can add a bolder and more striking aesthetic. Furthermore, your chosen piece should fit seamlessly with other metal tones in your jewelry collection as it will likely be worn alongside them.

Consideration should also be given to the style and length of chain worn with each pendant, creating an eye-catching and personalized look. There are various chain types such as link, rope and bead chains available – each can create their own distinct aesthetic! Clasp security also plays a significant role; certain clasps offer greater peace of mind.

Finally, when selecting your pendant it is important to consider its intended use and setting. If attending a formal event you may prefer something with more elegant and sophisticated features; otherwise if wearing your pendant during casual or everyday settings it can be more playful in its design.


Different necklace styles allow you to express yourself creatively when it comes to creating different looks and coordinating with an outfit. Layer necklaces of various lengths for an informal and relaxed appearance; or pair a simple gold chain with an eye-catching pendant for an elegant and classic feel; you could also combine and match necklaces from different collections for an individualized and distinctive aesthetic.

when selecting a necklace it is essential to take into account your neck shape as this will impact how it looks and fits perfectly with it. A necklace that is too short or too long could become unbalanced and may lead to unintended results.

Beyond your neckline, the style and time of day will also determine which necklace you select. For instance, when dressing for formal events it would be wise to opt for more intricate or luxurious pieces.

Your necklace choices should reflect both your personality and mood. For instance, when feeling confident and playful, wearing bolder or brighter-colored pieces might help. Also take into consideration personal preference when selecting suitable options that match up well with your wardrobe.

If you are new to luxury jewelry, finding the appropriate necklace length might seem daunting. To assist in selecting an optimal style, use a necklace length guide to select one that meets your body and style needs. By following it closely, you can create stunning looks that draw attention to your impeccable fashion sense and show it off. Shop luxury necklaces online as a great way to enhance any outfit and express yourself – whether its an eye-catching piece that stands out or one that makes a bold statement, there is sure to be something just right!