5 Celebrities Who Love Their Sunglasses and Know how to Rock ‘Em!


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Celebrities are known for being big sunglasses wearers. Not only do they care about the UV protection against the blare of the sun, but they also want to make a fashion statement and, sometimes, want to shield their faces from the paparazzi. A lot of celebrities will wear oversized sunglasses in their attempt to stay anonymous, while others will pick the most outrageous frames to show off their unique style.

Ultimately, sunglasses prove to be a unique and stylish fashion accessory for celebrities that can be a simple pair of Ray-Bans to a high-brand designer pair that can sometimes costs thousands of dollars. Here are 5 celebrities that are rarely seen without shades on, and they always pick the best styles:


1.Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus
By benyupp under CC BY 2.0


Since leaving her hugely popular role on Hannah Montana, Cyrus hasn’t looked back. She has grown leaps and bounds (both musically and fashion-wise) since her days with Disney. However, one item she is rarely seen without are her sunglasses. All she puts on these days are only the trendiest stuff, in large sizes and with interesting details, which definitely suits her heart-shaped face and accentuating her best features. Black seems to be her color, especially since it’s the essence of rock’n’roll!


2.Katy Perry


Katy Perry
By bikephotomusic under CC BY 2.0


Perry who was once a Christian pop-singer likes her sunglasses bold and colorful, just like her clothes and hair. Through the years, Perry has often dressed provocatively and has had no trouble flaunting her sexuality either on red carpet or in her music videos. One of her favorite accessories are of course her shades. They are often vintage-inspired frames (such as cat eyes), but in very modern reinterpretations which Prada makes so masterfully. Since her face is heart-shaped as well, she often adds volume around the eye area, emphasizing it. No color is excluded for Katy’s shades, not even neons.




Rihanna with sunglasses
By Focka under CC BY-ND 2.0


This Barbados-born pop superstar is known for her striking good looks, recognizable vocals, and her ability to make anything she puts on fashionable and stunning. RiRi changes her look more often than a Chameleon changes its color and that’s one of many things her loyal fans love about her! Taking sunglasses for example, Rihanna goes from classic aviators she rocked a few years back to the gold-blinged out hexagonal shades she loves wearing at the moment. Her sunglasses always have an edge just like she does!


4.Zac Efron


Zac Efron with sunglasses
Georges Biard [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Efron is usually stylish head-to-toe and has a high fashion IQ. He always looks great wearing his shades anywhere. Whether they’re aviators, sport ones or his signature Persol sunglasses, they always make him look sophisticated and stylish. And he also knows how to style them with his various hair styles and outfits. Efron has a perfect oval face like his which means every shape of sunglasses looks good on him.


5.Taylor Swift

Swift definitely has a classic fashion-style that suits her to a T. She reminds us of an old Hollywood actress with her beautiful, vintage-style frames. She prefers cat eyes and Wayfarers mostly, which look great with her adorable, feminine outfits. Her square face shape is elongated and flattered by these styles, and the singer knows it.