Diamonds are a girl’s best friends


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Nothing keeps a girl as happy as a nice piece of jewelry. The twinkle of a jewelry is as real as the twinkle of joy in your eyes when you wear it. True to the saying beauty is within, but a nice piece of jewelry just helps you to enhance that beauty. The best thing about jewelry is that it makes you feel good about yourself and it adds a whole lot of character to your personality. The best thing about jewelry is that it never goes put of fashion, yes it might reinvent itself from time to time but never will you see it fade away. There are many a times when you would not feel like dressing up for a party, in such situations jewelry comes as the big rescue and it saves your dress from falling flat. A chunky neck piece or a nice pair danglers can save you from making a faux pas or keep the fashion police running after your lives.


Reasons Why diamonds are a girl`s best friend


Emerald Obsidianiteen gemstone
By Photo (c)2007 Derek Ramsey (Ram-Man) (Self-photographed) [GFDL 1.2 or CC-BY-SA-2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commons

A lot has already been said about jewelry and how fiercely fashionable they are, but I have often heard my daughter feeling confused as to which jewelry is perfect for a occasion. So here is a quick list that helps you know which piece of jewelry is suitable for a social do:


  • Party over a friends place  Friends are the best jewelry you could ever have as Nicole Richie famously says “true friends are like diamonds – bright, beautiful, valuable and always in style”. Now the good thing about a party at a friend’s place is that you don’t need to dress your best and make your presence felt. So a small piece of designer jewelry that stands out for being simple yet classy would just be fine. Always remember to keep it minimal because you don’t need to impress. So a nice bracelet or simple chain with a cute locket would just be perfect.
  • Dinner party – Dinner is one of the most hyped social event. But keeping up with the hype the jewelry needs to be well sorted. If it’s a dinner date then focus on just one single piece of jewelry and that’s it. It is safe to just go in for a chunky neck piece without any earrings so that the focus remains on you and your neck piece. If you decide to opt for it then care must be taken that your attire has a strong bold color that blends well with your jewelry.
  • Weddings – The best wedding jewelry would be diamonds, nothing beats the sanctity of diamonds so if you are attending a wedding then it is safe to wear diamonds and flaunt it. A nice broach also manages to grab in a lot of attention, so a nice broach that complements your dress or gown should also be perfect. Try to keep all your jewelry pearly white because nothing is as pristine as white is and no better place to show that than during weddings.

    Diamond earrings
    By MAURO CATEB under CC BY 2.0
  • Social parties – Social parties are the place where you can show off your clothes and enhance your personality with the help of stand alone jewelry. Jewelry helps in adding a lot of drama to your personality. Any jewelry that adds a lot of quirkiness to your personality is sure to be a head turner at the social gathering. The trick of wearing the right jewelry would be to keep the attention of others on one piece of jewelry at a time and keep the others a bare minimum. So if you decide to wear a finger ring make sure it has the bold color and the look to stand out and grab attention. So is the case with either earrings and bracelets, almost anything that is bold in its look and becomes the envy of all girls in the venue.
  • Movies and drives – Movies and long drives or even grocery shopping at your nearest supermarket is also an outing but a casual one. So it is time we zero in on some jewelry that has a very casual look to it. A nice choker or a necklace that sticks around your neck is simple, minimal yet appealing. So make sure you wear something like that to perfect the look of carefully careless. This piece of jewelry would look fabulous if you wear it with a free flowing long skirt and a bright colored spaghetti strap top.
  • The formal jewelry – if you are heading for office and have an important presentation to provide to your clients then a nice small dangler is one of the most important earrings that you might opt for. A nice dangling earring adds charm and personality to your character, something that you require during the conference. Pearls are also a preferred option that you might opt for, since it has a very calming effect but is yet assertive in a very subtle way, again a trait that you would want to showcase during your presentation.

Jewelry is indeed a girl’s best friend and the best part about having fancy jewelry is that it goes well for all the occasions and will stick by you……always!