How To Choose A Perfume For A Man


The truth is that most men have problems when choosing fragrances for both themselves and the loved ones. Even if that is the case, we still need to know how to choose a right perfume for a man. This is true in the event that you want to offer it as a gift or if you just want to buy one for yourself. Instead of just buying the first one that you find (many do so), here are some facts to consider.


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Spicy Scents

Spicy scents are great for men but you need to be a little careful. Some of the men will enjoy the heavy scents while others will not. Make sure that you choose appropriately, based on personal tastes.

A Lighter Scent

There are actually many men that prefer light scents. This includes flowers like lilac, rose and lavender. The only problem is that such scents are usually subtle. It is hard to differentiate between them.

Citrus Scents

Citrus scents are usually seen as safe bets in the sense that almost everyone enjoys them. Orange, grapefruit and lemon essences are quite common in many of the high-end perfumes in order to offset heavy musk scents. Not many men will distinguish between spicy, flowery, fruity and citrus but in the event that you want a safe choice, citrus is a good idea.

Heavy, Musk Scents

Most women like men to wear such perfumes. Men usually tend to wear whatever they like but in so many situations the choice is actually made by a woman. When buying a gift, think about these scents when you are a woman and you want to offer something for your man. You will enjoy it a lot and he will surely not mind that.

Choosing Based On Price Range

Most people think that the high-end choices like the Armani perfumes are priced higher because of branding. While it is true that branding has a part, it is not as huge as you may want to believe.

When choosing a perfume, you undoubtedly think about how much you can spend. If you can go for the high-end perfumes, there is absolutely no reason why you should not do so since the quality is always higher. You can rarely go wrong with such a perfume because it is different in terms of quality.


There are so many situations in which you simply cannot figure out what you should buy. When that is the case, convenience tends to step in and make the choice easier. In many cases people just go to the local drug store and take a look at the fragrances that are on sale. It is something that you might want to consider but it is still a good idea to at least try some of them in order to make sure that the smell is appropriate.

Never Go For Fake Perfumes

There are some perfumes out there that are labeled “smells like BRAND”. While these might seem like a great choice since the prices are so low, do not buy them! The scent will disappear fast and you do not want that to happen.