Choosing the Right Kind of Dress for Your Body Shape


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Women want to feel comfortable in a dress while looking gorgeous. To get both it is absolutely vital that you pick a dress that will flatter your body shape and your skin colour. It should conceal any trouble spots you might have while highlighting your body’s great features. Additionally, you should make sure that it’s made from comfortable material because it is very difficult to feel good about yourself when wearing a dress with a static cling. Take a look at some of the tips we have put together to help you find the right dress.


Hourglass Figures

Most girls dream of having an hourglass figure: medium to large bust size, a well defined waistline and full hips. They can wear anything that will accentuate their body. A-line dresses and form-fitting sheaths work particularly well.


Oval Figures

If you have an oval body shape you will want to highlight the top half of your body with an elegant V-neckline. Long, floating empire dresses with a cinched waist will help you to achieve the perfect look.


Rectangle Figures

With this body shape it is all about creating the illusion of curves. This can be achieved by making use of accessories such as belts to create a defined waistline. Bold skirt patterns and a revealing necklines are also a great idea for this type of body.


Triangle or Pear Shape Figures

If you have this kind of body shape your shoulders and torso are narrow, your waistline is small and your hips large. Like with the oval figure, a triangle body shape benefits from highlighting the top half of the body with an empire dress or an A-line style. A tastefully adorned neckline will have eyes wandering to the top of your body while the bottom is hidden under an elegantly draping skirt.


Once you have found the perfect dress, you might want to start thinking about adding the right kind of accessories. Ladies designer watches can go a long way and add elegance, grace and sophistication to any style. Think about what suits your personality best. After all, you want to feel great in your outfit and that is only possible when you embrace who you are.