The Rising Influence of Islamic Fashion in the Western World


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The world of fashion is cyclical and infinite. Influences, styles and patterns never completely go out of fashion and always retain the possibility of a comeback. Silently over the past couple of years Islamic fashions has burst out of the Muslim household and permeated the consciousness of the wider western world. In both direct and indirect fashion, Islamic fashion has found its way into the shop floors of many of the world’s most reputable stores.


Islamic Fashion
By shawn Sun under CC BY-SA 2.0

Modern trends, especially aimed at young women in the western world seem to be concerned with revealing as much flesh as possible. This seems counter-intuitive to the main principles of Muslim clothing wherein modesty is a keep attribute and coverage is a necessity. The over-population of the market with revealing and seemingly indecent clothing has created a yearning in many western women to seek clothing of a more modest disposition. Recent summers throughout the USA, UK and mainland Europe have seen a rise in the popularity of the maxi dress amongst women of all ages. These items of clothing share similar lines and principles with traditional Muslim clothing.


High profile designers such as Estee Lauder, Hermes and Aramis are the latest to be inspired by the Muslim world, producing high quality clothing that is aimed at both the Muslim and non-Muslim worlds. The designers are concentrating their efforts into producing items of clothing that focus on their own lines rather than the lines of the models wearing them.


The Muslim world is contributing a great deal to the wider world of fashion with a new generation of skilled designers making an impact. The likes of Elie Saab, Robert Abi, Nader Abed Mahfouz and Wlid Attalah are riding the crest of the wave, with the former in particular enjoying great influence upon the great and the good of the western world.


The fashion industry inspired by the Islamic world is estimated to be worth nearly $100 billion and growing at a remarkable rate. With 21st century Muslims wanting to adhere to both modern fashion trends and the modesty of their heritage; the modern Islamic fashion world is proving to be a valuable solution.


Muslim fashion shows are now being staged around the world, demonstrating the global appeal. Sydney has this week played host to the Muslim Women’s Fashion exhibition showcasing both traditional and modern fashions for the Islamic world. The varied guest list was entertained and awed by the selection of Islamic fashions. The show concentrated on demonstrating traditionalist principles in modern life, including Muslim beachwear.


Just last month, the world’s most expensive dress was revealed by designer Debbie Wingham and was widely inspired by Muslim fashion. The $17.92 million dress is encrusted with more than 200 diamonds including the world’s most precious stone: the $7.55 million red diamond. The dress is currently on display in Dubai as potential buyers are encouraged to book a private viewing before committing to the purchase.


The celebrity and non-celebrity alike from the western world are showing more and more interest in Islamic fashion and the influence looks set to grow.