Christian Louboutin Women Footwear For 2014 Summer

Laura Tolentino

“If you can’t walk in them, then don’t wear them”, says the fabulous Christian Louboutin about his amazing creations. Who has never heard of him and his famous red soul shoes? You see them on the red carpet, simple and elegant with the sexy red detail. Hollywood shouts it from the roof top: Louboutin is the most famous shoe designer. If you want same fame, you better start saving money for a pair of Louboutins.

christianlouboutin-pikboat FLAT


This summer, the designer jumped to a new style of shoes. He adopted a floral, natural inspired style. The colors are bright, the textures are completely new. His shoes are inspiring, luxurious, the type of shoes every woman desires. Let’s start with some gorgeous flats and then we will jump to the most complex part of a woman’s dressing: heels.

Generally speaking, this collection is marked by the story behind the red soul. Every shoe has woman red nails prints or hands, and, as you probably know, Louboutin was inspired to add that detail on the shoes because he once saw a woman painting her nails red. I would call this a pattern in the entire collection.

Along with the print comes a studded detail, golden little plugs matching the leather interior and the black background of the print. So for flats, have have the main print, blacks, reds, lots of blue and bright pink. 3 words to describe the flat collection: feminine, true and at the same time a little boyish. There are a couple of flats with a bold geometrical design, as well very colorful and playful. Even if the majority is size 39, I tend to believe they are designed more for ladies than for men.

I do recommend the Neronna Flats in blue, also called gladiator flats. The light summer sky color makes you stand out from the crowd.



2014 comes with an extravagant beautiful collection. Louboutin maintains the form and style of his pumps and sandals, but adds more color and texture. The new arrivals come with studded top, bright colors such as neon yellow, pink silver and a mixture of pastels.

I could say they are a little rigid, the cuts and sewing are strong. It’s interesting how he managed to fuse harsh cuts and plugs with satin and lace. Of course, the classic black pumps are transformed into a sexy sheer but it keeps its authenticity. If we look at the pointed toe pump called “So Kate”, you’ll notice the dramatic sexy silhouette.

christianlouboutin-sokate HEEL

My recommendation is the famed “Pigalle”, refitted with a fine stiletto heel and a floral satin print.

It seems like these shoes are made for a string confident sexy woman. Christian Louboutin is wright. After all, if you can’t walk in them, don’t mind buying them. And by walking I mean wearing the shoe. It’s even more complicated to wear a shoe then a blouse. And if it’s a Louboutin, you better be a real woman.