Top Legwear brands

Laura Tolentino

We live in the era of sex-appeal, strong feminism tendencies and lots of trends. There’s no wonder women have started to search new ways of showing their sexuality. For centuries it has been all about shoes, long dresses.  As for men, the apparel is the number one concern. Nowadays, all we can think about is attracting the opposite sex.

Legwear means, of course, everything that can be put, pulled or tight to your legs. For women, legwear means sexiness and includes leggings, slippers, tights, socks, knee highs, suspenders and anything that covers legs. Sounds more like an esthetical issue for women. For men, necessity pushes them to legwear shops, thank God.


Tights have been revolutionized over the last 20 years. They are now made of every material, form silk to cotton, spandex to metal. This is the prove that tights are more than a necessity. They have become statement pieces.

Leggings are now a replacement for pants in everyday wear and socks are literally a piece of art. Decorated and colored, nowadays people treat socks like a high fashion accessory.

Here is a list of top legwear brands, both online shops and stores:

1. Happy Socks, an ex- shrieking red cottage born under the blue April sky, now sells their happy products in more than 50 countries across all continents. Happy Socks is the best socks shop, because of the great variety and models, textures and materials.  Of course, men are allowed here. The company creates thousands of pair for the masculine half. You can also buy online on

2. Jonathan Adler – author and designer, Jonathan has developed an impeccable craftsmanship, putting his passion and style together. His last legwear line includes a range of cotton crew socks for men, which embodies Adler’s favorite patterns and graphics, combined with red, blues, olives and oranges. Adler’s line is for luxurious and confident men.

3. Cynthia Rowley, an Art School graduate, is a great women designer and her entrée on the accessory market is marked by an exceptional line of thighs, leggings and socks. Discover her online shop at

4. If you’re looking for an impressive pair of sport style socks, PUMA, a global athletic brand, offers a great socks line. The company fuses the creative sport style with the ultimate fashion trends. Never the less, technical innovation is number one advantage and maybe the most important for this domain.

5. One of the most loved online shops by women is It’s colorful, fun and easy to navigate which is an advantage, taking in consideration the target. HUE provides women with leggings (Capri, Skimmer, Shapping leggings, Knit, Fashion and Denim), shorts, tights, hosiery and socks. One word, heaven. If you hurry, you might catch the final season 50% sales.

P.s. HUE offers international shipping to 90+ destinations.

6. Legwear Loft, a brand created by two girls – how have developed, the online shop. The loft means high quality products at the best pricing and huge varieties of legwear. Not only the products are innovative, sexy and fashionable, but the online presentation is mind-blowing: short clips, special collections, easy returns, high quality photos and beautiful models. Once you’ve entered the website, you’re never getting out. You just can’t resist. Give it a try.