Coat Trends For Winter 2017/2018

Laura Tolentino

Coat Trends For Winter 2017-2018

Since the weather is quite cold right now, we have to think about something that every woman needs during cold and windy days and, because we like to talk about trends, instead of showing you some random coats, we will talk about the coat trends for winter 2017/2018.

The coat trends for fall-winter 2017/2018 are practical and comfortable but also very stylish. From capes and oversized coats to crazy print and fur accents, this season has a lot to offer in terms of coats.


capesImage source: Farfetch

Capes are back in style and they look better than ever. Some women do not find capes comfortable but they surely give the outfit a special look so you should give them a try. The best way to keep yourself warm while wearing a cape is to pair the cape with long gloves, preferably leather gloves for a stylish outfit. You can wear capes with jeans, dresses or skirt and, if you really want to be trendy this season, wear masculine boots or over-the-knee boots.

Bold Print Coats

bold print coatsImage source: John Lewis

Usually, the coat trends for winter are quite conservative, however, this year we were happy to see some colors and bold prints in the designers’ collections. Some coats are extravagant and perfect for elegant nights out while other are just vibrant and full of personality and they can be worn during the day with a simple outfit.

Oversized Coats

cocoon coatImage source: Nordstrom

Oversized coats have been around for a while now and everybody loves them because they are not only comfortable but also versatile. You can wear oversized coats for day looks with almost everything. They look amazing in casual outfits but also in put-together outfits when you want to dress-down and elegant dress, for example.

This season the classic oversized coat has a competitor – the cocoon coat. Cocoon coats are also very comfortable, great for various outfits and look very stylish if you choose the perfect volume for your body type. If you plan to buy a cocoon coat, pay attention to the fabric because you don’t want the coat to lose its shape while you’re moving.

Fur Trim Coats

fur trim coatsImage source: Asos

Fur trim coats were present in most designers’ collections for fall-winter 2017/2018. Most designers used faux fur to create some amazing coats in mesmerizing color shades, like light pink, purple, golden lime and other fall colors that were present in the fall-winter 2017-2018 collections. Fur gives a coat that elegant vibe women want sometimes but, since this year fur was used in various colors, the style of the coats is also youthful and fun.

Maxi Coats

maxi coatsImage source: Stylebop

Maxi coats are making a comeback this season and we’re pretty sure those of you who struggle with cold winter days will be more than pleased to hear that. Most maxi coats are made of thick materials like tweed, wool or similar materials that will keep you warm all winter long. From flour length coats to above the knee coats, the maxi coats selection this season allows you to purchase the perfect coat for your body shape. The colors are a little bit more conservative compared to the fur trim coats and you will be able to find camel, grey and dark green coats that are suited for all types of outfits.