Which Cut of Jeans Is Best on Your Figure

Laura Tolentino

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Which Cut of Jeans Is Best on Your FigureFashion has a well-established place in our life. We like to look good because we feel good this way. Details count so even when you choose a piece of clothing you should ensure that you have chosen the one that will perfectly match your figure.

Even if purchasing a pair of jeans might seem as an easy thing to do, you can often find yourself in the situation when they look great when being displayed but not so great once you try them on.  It is all about finding clothing that matches our figure so that it might complement it correctly. Let’s discover together which cut of jeans might be the best one for your figure.

Buying the Right Jeans If You Have a Tummy

When you are currently not in your best shape and may have a tummy to cover through proper clothing choices, it is best for you to select a moderate rise pair of jeans. This means that they should not be more than eight to nine inches from the crotch to the waist. The trick is to choose a pair in the case of which the waistband might be just below the belly button so that your stomach might be covered thus make the problem less obvious.

The Boot Cut: Perfect for Every Day Use

The boot cut is the perfect choice for everyday use. Being generously cut through the waist, such jeans feature a style that has flared legs which help offset the extra width found around the middle.

Perfect Jeans for an Hourglass Figure

The trick as fashion specialists present it is that with more curves you have, the more it is required for you to use jeans that are cut higher on the back side to fit over the seat and keep your body properly covered. This way, you will feel good about yourself because you will no longer have to constantly worry whether something unwanted might get revealed.

Choose a Contoured Waistband for a Small Featured Waist

The hourglass figure is also known for the small featured waist so a contoured waistband is also recommended in this case. You can easily notice a seam that shows you that the waistband was cut on a curve and sewn together rather than representing just a single piece of fabric. This is beneficial for you when you intend to reduce gaping.

Slim Cut Dressy Jeans for the Hourglass Figure

Another great choice of jeans when you are featuring an hourglass figure is the slim cut dressy type. These will flatter your hips best through a tapered leg instead of a skinny one. Go for roomier things and much less narrow ankles for enhanced effects.

All in all, it is very important to know the specifics of your figure well and the cut of jeans that might match it the best way. This way, you will always know exactly what you are looking for and look great every time just by making the right choice easily.