The Proper Way To Use Sneakers When Styling Dresses

Laura Tolentino

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woman wearing dress and sneakers

The Proper Way To Use Sneakers When Styling DressesFor a while now, the fashion industry and the style icons we all admire decided that heels and other uncomfortable shoes need a break and sneakers should be our shoes of choice for most of our everyday outfits. Pairing sneakers with dresses and skirts was a huge trend in 2019 that will continue in 2020 for sure. After all, why not look stylish and be comfortable at the same time, right? If you want to try this trend but you are not sure how to make the pairing work, we have some ideas of how to style dresses with sneakers for you.

Chic & Fun

For a party, you can wear a pair of black sneakers with your favorite dress. Black sneakers look more classy and elegant than the bright colored or patterned ones.

Boho Chic

If boho if your favorite style, grab a pair of colorful sneakers and wear them with a loose maxi dress or a pair of cool print sneakers with a crochet dress.

Navy Chic

You will obtain another perfect sneakers – dress pairing if you combine a white or navy blue pair of sneakers with a striped dress.

Girly Chic

Pick your favorite pastel dress, like Indian dresses, and wear it with some high-top floral sneakers, you will have the perfect casual outfit for a shopping day with the girls. Or, if you prefer pastel dresses, wear one with a pair of bold color sneakers.

Glam Chic

Go for a pair of glittery sneakers combined with a neutral and simple dress for a day to day outfit or combine the glittery sneakers with a black dress for a clubbing night.

Sporty Chic

Gym wear and dresses? Why not! Combine your favorite gym or tennis sneakers with a comfy midi dress and you’ve got yourself a feminine but, most importantly, comfortable outfit.

Bold Chic

If you plan to wear a bold and daring outfit, tone it down with a pair of sneakers, you will look effortlessly chic.

Mini Chic

It’s hard to pair mini dresses with high heels without looking vulgar so instead of flat shoes or oxford shoes, try a pair of colorful sneakers.

Color-Pop Chic

A monochrome or an outfit in neutral colors makes the perfect background for some color-pop sneakers. Don’t hold back! Make those sneakers noticeable!

Accessorized Chic

Rihanna showed us that matching your jewelry with your sneakers is the new match your bag with your shoes trend. Since the latest trend is out for a while and we don’t think we will see it back any time soon, try matching your sneakers to your jewelry or, for a casual outfit, your sneakers to your accessories!

Monochromatic Chic

Karl Lagerfeld proved us that Chanel couture and sneakers make an amazing pair if you go for monochromatic outfits.

Office Chic

Who said it is not appropriate to wear sneakers at work? No one, we’re telling you! If you choose a classic office outfit and a simple pair of sneakers in neutral colors you will look professional as always but your feet will thank you at the end of the day.