Designer Sarees Make Way to the Top Even in the Age of Ultra Modern Fashion Trends


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Indian designers have been playing a huge role in bringing back the tradition of wearing sarees among women of all age groups in India and abroad. Saree is one of the oldest and most recognized Indian ethnic wear. People from all over the world recognize saree to be traditionally Indian. Indian women have been wearing it for generations in most of the places across the country. However, for the later generation wearing saree became a botheration and the fashion trend gradually turned towards more westernized and easy to wear attires. In spite of its charm, simplicity and style, sarees failed to match pace with the ever changing fashion trend and remained to be worn occasionally.


wearing saree
By nevil zaveri under CC BY 2.0


With the creative excellence of designers, sarees re-entered the fashion scenario and gradually made its way to the top. Designer sarees have redefined the meaning of this ethnic wear not only in India, but in the global market too. They have acted like elixir to the dying industry and triggered hope to the suppliers and exporters. In tandem with the ever changing fashion trend, lately there has been a significant rise in the popularity of this attire. This is clearly reflected in the sales growth of designer sarees over the past couple of years. As business prospect for sarees look brighter in time to come, several national as well as international brands are considering some serious investments.

There are, however, few factors that make designer sarees what they are today.

Uniqueness and Experimentation

Designer sarees are basically known for being one off a kind, which can only be possible when you think creative, and when it comes to creativity experimentation is a must. Designer sarees are always up for experimentation. Designers constantly play with their creativity to see what works and what cannot. They keep on experimenting with the varied aspect of a saree in terms of fabric, height, style, pattern and the way it is to be draped.

Being Bold with Color and Style

Vibrant colors and bold designs are patent for many designers, who are known for being able to add new hues and give a completely new dimension to this ethnic attire.  Following their path of success, new generation designers are also being bold with their style.  No wonder bright colors and bold designs are weaving their way into the fashion scenario.

Fusion – A Unique Combination of East and West

Fusion is capturing the major portion of fashion market today, and saree is not an exception. People are buying the concept of the fusion between eastern and western wear. Designers are keeping busy these days blending concepts and designs of both eastern and western culture to create attire, which has best of both the worlds. A saree can have a distinctive traditional design, but can be worn in a totally unconventional style, setting a perfect example of Indo-western fusion. This fusion certainly helps designers, suppliers and exporters to target the western buyers in a much effective way.

This is how saree has evolved through time to retain its position in the fashion world maintaining its uniqueness even in the age of fashionable dresses for women not only in India but across the international market.