Everything You Need to Know About Opening an Online Apparel Shop

Laura Tolentino

So you’re looking to start an online store but feeling nervous about doing it, don’t worry, Jeff Bezos was too. His original idea was to sell books online and ship them from warehouse to buyer.

In the ’90s, Amazon and Netflix conducted sales and rental agreements using platforms that were only a little more sophisticated than basic email. Today they rank among the biggest companies in the world because they made business easier using the internet. Why not do the same with your apparel shop?

This guide will tell you all the ins and outs of the internet business model, so keep on reading!

The Secret to Starting Well

First off you have to understand the small beginnings principle of all successful businesses. Everyone from car manufacturers to musicians grows their market presence from a few die-hard fanatics to the eventual hordes of casual consumers. This can start in one of two ways.

Top Quality Items

If you have the talent to make or source high-quality clothes made from the finest materials, then you only have to start a business that handles a few orders a month in the beginning. This makes getting your marketing results less daunting. Managing storage, shipping, and order volume will also be easier for these kinds of businesses.

Filling a Specific Market Niche

The easiest way to establish the die-hard fanatics mentioned previously is to appeal almost perfectly to a niche in your local market. Maybe there are a couple of trench coat enthusiasts in your area and the available pickings are limited and expensive. That’s when you advertise custom coats at a more affordable price.

One cautionary point, though: finding niches in bigger markets is way easier than in smaller markets. If you live in a city you’re pretty much set, but if you live in a small town then it will be harder to make a living off a niche.

Social Media Marketing

When you market a small business, you go to where the customers are. Social media is a great way to advertise to your target audience. People that look for entertainment and information online will also be more open to shopping from an online retailer.

Instagram is a reliable platform for an online apparel shop to do its marketing, as you can link to your web page in your bio as well as in descriptions. It’s also easy to make the Instagram algorithm work for you if you post enough and tag in specific ways. Tik Tok is popular but it’s harder to game the algorithm and link to a business profile.

Choose a Business Model for Your Apparel Shop

There are a few common internet apparel shop business models that have already been implemented successfully. Print-on-demand, where you print personalized or requested logos and designs onto blank clothing, is really easy (especially if you can’t stitch the clothes together yourself).

Dropshipping is another online clothing shop favorite. This is where you sell on behalf of wholesalers and only handle the ordering and shipping, all you need is a web page and a method to ship orders to customers. Find more information here if this sounds like an attractive option.

Another tip: offer customers a way to send back clothes and be refunded. This added personal security will make the decision to buy from you easier.

Learn More About The Fashion Industry

Starting an apparel shop is only the first step. If you want to keep yourself up to date with the fashion world, keep reading our blog for the hottest trends and ideas for your clothing shop.