The path to minimalism and how a slim wallet can help you achieve

Laura Tolentino

Minimalism is a popular lifestyle that focuses on having minimal possessions; the idea of a minimalist lifestyle is that happiness can be found by possessing only required items. Minimalism begins with the de-cluttering of worldly things from every place around thyself.

Minimalism focuses on life lessons such as no attachment to materialistic items, spending money only on life requirements, achieving peace of mind, improving focus on things that matter, building trust in thyself, and changing focus towards quality over quantity.

In the minimalist lifestyle, the accumulation of products in spaces is to be avoided, for example, wallets. Wallets are one of the prime sources of materialistic concerns; thus, it is essential to keep the wallets slim. Owning a slim wallet is a popular choice these days among minimalists.

Slim wallets are available in various sizes, materials, and capacities. The popular materials include anodized aluminum, leather, stainless steel, blend, wool, and polyester. The capabilities vary from mere cards to having some currency notes and coins. There are other benefits attached to using slim wallets, which contribute towards minimalism.



Regular wallets are usually bulky, and when they are placed in the pant pockets, the body posture gets affected due to uneven body mass distribution; this results in Sciatica and Piriformis Syndrome. This issue is reduced to zero with de-cluttered slimmer wallets.

The wallet’s weight significantly reduces by saving only the required items; thus, the body mass will not be affected. This helps in attaining one of the prime motives of minimalism- health.


Thinner wallets are easy to carry and occupy less space; they can be taken in pockets too. With the growing trends in wallets, it is easier to find slim wallets with additional security features.

Thus, there will be no requirement to invest in different bags or purses to carry the wallets securely; this ensures that through compatibility, the wallets reduce the additional materialistic needs, which is yet another motive of minimalism.


Impulse shopping is one of the significant reasons for item accumulation, which in turn affects the minimalistic motive. Slim-sized wallets have limited slots to carry a couple of currency notes and the daily requirements. Thus, there would be no card to support impulse shopping decisions.

Also, spending less cash means automatically saving money in the bank. The savings sum comes in handy during emergencies.


Thieves target bulky wallets; this is especially true while traveling to new places as a tourist. As a tourist, it would be tough to mingle with the native crowd, and thus the tourists can spot the new faces quickly. With thinner wallets, the thieves will have a more challenging time to pickpocket, despite spotting the new face.

Thus, by making the thieves shift targets, thinner wallets save a lot of money directly and indirectly. Indirectly, the money is saved by avoiding the expenses involved in blocking the cards, filing FIR, obtaining new documents, etc.


Minimalism is a way to lead a happier life with minimal expenses and surrounded by less materialistic items; more specifically, to be covered by only meaningful things that bring happiness and goodness. Slimming the wallet is a good practice to begin the practice of minimalism.

Slimmer wallets hold only the necessary items, and thus, there are no instances that might cause the need to spend money, such as theft and impulsive shopping decisions.