Where To Find Eco Friendly And Fair Trade Fashion on the Web

Laura Tolentino

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Where To Find Eco Friendly And Fair Trade Fashion on the Web

Eco-friendly fashion and fair trade fashion are a thing right now and there are numerous sustainable fashion brands on the web that decided to embrace this trend and to sell great clothing articles to conscious consumers.

Gather and See

Gather and See eco-friendly fashionBased in the UK, Gather and See sells clothes and accessories created with respect for nature and fair trade. The products are eco-friendly (zero waste, organic and recycled) and some of them are hand-crafted in the UK.

Style: boho-chic with an urban vibe

International shipping – yes


elborne clotheselborne is an US business that brought together some very well-known eco-friendly fashion brands but also up and coming brands that are dedicated to eco-fashion. All the clothes promoted by elborne are cruelty-free and ethically made. You won’t find any leather or fur items on elborne but you will find numerous high-quality clothing articles that will last you a lifetime. The selection of clothes will satisfy all your outfit needs.

Style: country/boho-chic

International shipping – yes

Master and Muse by Yoox

Master and Muse by Yoox eco clothesMaster and Muse is the result of a collaboration between YOOXYGEN and model Amber Aletta. All the articles included in the selection are eco-friendly and created by brands that are socially responsible. The selection of clothes is chic, stylish and perfect for the fast-paced lifestyle of modern women.

Style: effortlessly-chic

International shipping – yes

ASOS Green Room

fair trade fashion ASOSASOS decided to collaborate with eco-friendly brands and to put together a selection of fashion and beauty products curated to fit their sustainability standards. They also have a partnership with SOKO Kenia that resulted in ASOS Made in Kenya collection, a fair-trade clothing label. The ASOS Green Room selection includes natural and organic beauty products and eco-friendly clothes.

Style: youthful and playful

International shipping – yes


modavanti clothesModavanti is a website where you will find numerous designers and brands. The website has a huge selection of clothing articles, accessories and beauty products and they also run a recycling program.

The variety of fashion items you can find on Modavanti is impressive and you will be able to browse through pages of organic, vegan, ethical and vintage clothing articles that are unique and fashionable but also sustainable.

Style: everything from casual to glamorous

International shipping – yes

Amour Vert

amour vert clothing lineAmour Vert is an US based clothing brand that has a wide range of T-shirts made of organic cotton that is pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and GMOs free. They also use natural dyes and their shoes collection includes items made in Europe with upcycled leather. All clothing articles are made in limited quantities since Amour Vert wants all their clothes to be sold to their customers.

Style: classic fashion staples

International shipping – only Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, and United Arab Emirates.


ethica eco-friendly dressEthica is a website where you can find both fashion and beauty items that are eco-friendly. The brands promoted by Ethica create quality products made of natural and organic fabrics that last longer than the typical fashion items you ca buy from mainstream brands.

Style: urban eco-friendly

International shipping – yes