Celebrity Inspired Maternity Fashion Ideas

Laura Tolentino

Celebrity Inspired Maternity Fashion Ideas

If you are pregnant and you are looking for some style inspiration, you can get some really great ideas from the celebrities who made pregnancy look chic and feminine. From Natalie Portman’s chic outfits to Mila Kunis’ boho style, Blake Lively’s stylish choices and Chrissy Teigen’s daring style, we are pretty sure you will find some great maternity fashion ideas from their outfit choices.

Natalie Portman

Natalie-Portman-Maternity-StyleNatalie Portman is always chic and classy. She prefers a sleek silhouette and classic lines and that did not change during her pregnancy. Natalie Portman was not shy and she showed her baby bump quite a lot during her pregnancy. Her red carpet dresses were feminine and stylish while her everyday outfits stayed casual-chic. While out running errands, Natalie usually chose simple T-shirts or blouses paired with chic coats or cardigans and flats. The events she had to attend during her pregnancy were a totally different story, she was seen in some incredibly feminine white dresses but she also embraced pastels and ruffles.

If you want to be comfortable but chic and feminine, you will definitely find Natalie Portman’s pregnancy style inspiring.

Mila Kunis

mila kunis pregnantBeing pregnant during summer is not fun especially when you want to stay chic and stylish but Mila Kunis managed to do exactly that and we think you will be able to do it too if you opt for loose-fitting summer dresses or a chic jumpsuits. In order to be very comfortable but also feminine, keep the outfit simple and add chic accessories to the mix. Those long, bohemian dresses look great with hats, sun glasses, statement necklaces, bracelets and so on. There are endless options if you keep the outfit simple and turn to accessories for that je ne sais quoi.

Baby doll dresses are also an option if you want to show off your legs and stripped T-shirts and comfy jeans are great for lazy days.

Blake Lively

blake lively maternity styleBlake Lively looks amazing all the time and her outfits are always to die for and that applies for the times she was pregnant. Her pregnancy outfits were colorful, playful, young and fun. Blake did not shy away from wearing high heels during her pregnancies and if you don’t want to put your heels in a corner for nine months either, we are pretty sure you will find the actress’ outfits very exciting.

Blake Lively’s red carpet outfits during her two pregnancies were as elegant and glamorous as always, while her everyday outfits stayed chic and creative. The actress loved to wear colorful clothing articles during her two pregnancies and we really loved to see the colors accentuate her natural pregnancy glow. Forget about black and white, embrace all the colors of the rainbow and then some if you feel like it.

Cold weather did not stop Blake from being stylish, she just made sure she had a cozy and comfy cape or jacket paired with skinny jeans or pants and, of course, high heels.

Chrissy Teigen

Another celebrity who did not want to put her heels away during her pregnancy is Chrissy Teigen. Chrissy Teigen showed her baby bump at every event she was invited to during her pregnancy but she also worn fitted dresses on a daily basis. From embroidered red carpet gowns to day-to-day grey mini-dresses, Chrissy Teigen looked daring and feminine during her pregnancy and so will you if you get some maternity fashion ideas from her outfits.