Find the Perfect Coat for Your Wardrobe

Laura Tolentino

Finding the perfect coat can be tricky: you want it to be warm enough, but not to make you look several sizes bigger. It’s not easy to find the perfect, fashionable coat that matches your wardrobe and fits your lifestyle, job, and needs.

A good place to start is by asking yourself what your style is, and for which occasions you will need a coat. Take a look at the different types of coats below along with where to find them to get you started.

The Puffer Coat

Puffer coats get a bad name in the fashion world, as who wants a big puffy coat making them look a size or two bigger? But the puffer coat has come a long way, and can be just as fashionable as it is warm.

We suggest getting a more form-fitting puffer coat, with a cinched waist and added length for ultimate warmth. Some have cute, fur-lined hoods, too, like this Anne Klein puffer coat. If you get a black one, it will look thinner and be the most flattering.

Puffer coats can be water-resistant and keep you warm in the coldest climates! Try a puffy 100% polyester down jacket for extra warmth.

The Leather Jacket

You can’t go wrong with the classic leather jacket. It comes in so many cuts and colors, too!

You can wear a funky men’s leather jacket with an asymmetrical closure, such as this great pick from Wilson’s Leather.

Zippers or buttons can give you the stylish look you’re going for, like this Italian lambskin leather trench coat from Overland. Gorgeous belted leather jackets offer maximum slimming and style, like the Kerri jacket from Nour Hammour.

Leather jackets come lined with all sorts of material, offering warmth as well as style for those chilly nights!

The Wool Coat

Wool coats are both warm and elegant. They provide that needed layer of protection from the cold but also can be slimming. They are a great dressier and more professional alternative to wearing a puffy coat in a cold climate.

The classic long wool coat with large buttons and a soft collar is perfect for a business setting. For men, there are warm wool top coats designed to go with any snazzy suit. For women, you might want to invest in a long tapered Reed wool coat.

For women who want something just as warm that doesn’t break the bank and isn’t itchy, try a faux wool pea coat instead.

Plaid Coats

If you’re looking for a coat with a bit more character and less formality, you should browse the large selection of plaid coats. Plaid coats are cute and never go out of style.

They range in style from belted maxi-length polyester wrap coats to cute, trendy double-breasted plaid coats for women.

For men, there are warm, casual wool blend plaid coats or classic plaid wool hunting jackets.

One-of-a-Kind Coats

If you’re looking for something more unique to stand out like the fashion diva you are, you might try some of the coats on Etsy. They have everything from vintage looks like this Indian quilt jacket to a dramatic full-length gothic flared wool overcoat.

For men, they have unique warm coats like this fleece military jacket.

Or, you can look at some sellers that offer independent brands, such as Wolf & Badger. You can find beautiful, unique coats like this rose-patterned, hooded fit-and-flared coat. It’s dressy, chic, and flatters your figure, making it great for a day of shopping, an event, or a night on the town.

They also have unique coats for men such as a tribal hanten made from vibrant Ankara fabric which blends Japanese and African styles.

Washable Coats

If you are a parent, a dog parent, or have a messy job, you have a messy, busy life and you need a nice coat that can be thrown in the wash without a trip to the dry cleaner’s.

Take a look at the selection at L.L.Bean and other similar outfitters, which have fashionable and practical coats such as this cute modern washable women’s wool coat or this casual, hooded washable water-resistant coat, perfect for trekking through the snow.

Target has some multipurpose, washable coats for men such as this water-resistant quilted men’s coat.

Best Belted & Cinched Waist Coats

Maybe you’re looking for the best figure-flattering coat with a smartly-placed belt or cinch.

Maybe you want a warm chic lined wool blend coat with an asymmetrical closure and tie belt, complete with cute faux leather details.

For men, there’s always the classic, stylish modern trench coat that hits below the hips and has a snazzy belt just above the navel. Trench coats aren’t just an outdated style from the 80s – they can actually make you look cool if you know how to wear them.

You can grab a lighter coat with a hood and a cinched waist, perfect for those milder winter days. These types of coats also lend themselves to layering.

Subzero Coats

If you live in or visit cold climates often, where temperatures can get low, you may want a subzero coat like this subzero down jacket from REI for men that allows you to keep toasty and warm for hours.

Or, if you’re planning a winter ski trip or plan to be outside in cold weather for a long time, you’ll want to grab a men’s light, waterproof down jacket like this one from L.L. Bean or a sweater fleece 3-in-1 jacket.

For women, you might try a cute puffy jacket with a durable nylon shell and dense 100% polyester filling. They come in cute styles and colors and will keep you warm for hours during your outdoor winter activities.

Whether you want a coat that flatters your figure, has pockets, is trendy or unique, you can find the perfect coat that looks great and keeps you warm if you know where to shop.