Halloween costume inspiration – celebrities


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Each year, we go through unmentionable efforts to come up with a Halloween costume that says spooky but still sexy. Sometimes we manage to pull that look off, but then again, we are not always that lucky. However, through it all, we forget to ask ourselves one little question; why don’t we let the celebrities do it for us? After all, they are the ones who have enough money to ship in a designer from Milan just to ensure their Halloween costume is the best. The following read offers you what might be the end to your annual pre-Halloween headaches, get inspired by these celebrity Halloween costumes.


You do not have to dress up as a zombie or some rotting corpse every year. Borrow a leaf from Kim Kardashian’s sexy Red riding hood costume (2010), not only is the outfit really appealing, but it’s also versatile. This means anyone can rock it, plus the black stockings provide generous amount of cover if you are not all about flaunting ‘it’.


Then again, if you are more of a conserved person but still are in to the whole medieval theme, an elegant gown would be the perfect Halloween costume for your personality. Stacy Keibler who hosted a Halloween masquerade ball, dressed up in an elegant ensemble that gave her that prestigious look while still turning heads. However, much attention should be focused on the hairdo and makeup too. You want to look like a princess, which means cutting off the excess makeup and wearing a simple hairdo.

pgrandicelli BEE FREE
By pgrandicelli BEE FREE under CC BY 2.0 license


So you’re not into folklores or princesses either but still want a Halloween costume that’s more about elegance, ever thought about going vintage? Maggie Ryan donned her 1960 Flight attendant uniform creating a retro look that was simple yet eye-catching. Still, just like the Stacy Keibler Halloween costume, you have to keep your makeup on check. Get some inspiration from the 1960s fashion and have some fun.


Enough about elegance and folklores lets delve into the world of superheroes. Well, she never misses an opportunity to play dress-up, probably the reason she has featured twice in this read. She’s Kim Kardashian and she actually managed to squeeze all her curves into a catwoman suit. Dressed as the entire Justice league, the Kardashians, not to mention Kanye West, all dressed up as superheroes. So if you are feeling this vibe, you can either decide to go for the Michelle Pfeiffer incarnation or the Anne Hathaway version. Either way, be sure to strike some seductive feline poses if you do take pics at the Halloween party or even better yet try clawing at the camera, at least that’s what we learnt from Kim.


Lastly, if you do like hanging out with the odd bunch or rather just standing out instead of fitting in, then Pink’s clown costume is guaranteed to get you the stares. And you do not have to worry about looking odd or funny either because that’s what being a clown is all about.