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Look at any fashion magazine and something that always draws attention are the accessories. Accessories can make or break any outfit or style. Accessories cannot just be thrown together with just any outfit though. In order for accessories to really do a look justice, they have to flow not only with the outfit but also with the personality of the wearer. The right earrings or necklace, that perfect ring; all of those things are important in fashion, but they have to be on the right person. Someone who is reserved and conservative may not look right in a larger, bohemian necklace. It most likely will not match their personality or their outfit. When piecing together accessories it is important to keep in mind the style of the clothing they are going with, the shoes, and the overall feel of the occasion.


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Different looks require different accessories. Jeans and a t-shirt can be paired with something like a chunky colorful necklace or an awesome bead bracelet. Even casual outfits can look straight off a run way with the right accessories. Solid colors and neutral tones brighten up with colorful funky jewelry. Styling accessories should be kept simple and straight forward. When the jewelry is funky the outfit is best to be kept simple. When the clothing is patterned or bold the accessories can be low key.


Another issue when accessorizing can be the issue of mixing metals. Some people do not feel that white gold can be mixed with yellow gold, or with silver. Someone who has a white gold wedding ring can certainly wear yellow gold without relinquishing wearing their ring. Watches that are both white gold or silver and yellow gold are great transition pieces to wearing two different colored metals. There are ways to tie together a look that incorporates two different tones of gold or silver in one look. People do not have to get rid of their gold jewelry now that white gold and silver are more in style. Rest assured that all colors of accessories have their place and can be worked into the right look.


Accessorizing can seem overwhelming with the wealth of options that people have available. Just looking at the accessories department of any store can make anyone dizzy with the options. Choosing what works for each person’s individual style and outfit is the best way to handle this fashion situation. There are basic guidelines regarding color, size, and style of accessory when pairing things with certain outfits. Keeping the basic principles in mind is a sure fire way to make sure that every outfit looks amazing. Keep accessories paired with brighter, louder clothing should be kept simple. Solid color clothing and neutrals can support a bigger, chunkier accessory. Different color metals can be worn together, and brought together with a great transitional piece like a two tone gold watch. These simple guidelines are great in keeping people well accessorized regardless of the event and outfit. The right or wrong accessories can make or break an outfit, but the right accessories are incredibly easy to find.


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