Proper equestrian apparel for the ultimate style statement


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Horse riding is a stylish hobby and sport. Hence to make a unique style statement make sure you wear proper apparel while riding.


Horse riding is a very energetic sport that not only helps you keep fit but also offers a sense of freedom that is unexplainable. It is like going back to your childhood when you imagined being a prince or a princess and riding on a horseback have gone to war in your imagination. In the past, learning horse riding was a mandatory process since the only fastest way of transportation was through riding horses. Horse riding was also common as sports. There was chariot racing held to entertain royalty. Today, horses are neither used for transportation nor there are any chariot races. But nonetheless there are horse races still quite common and horse riding itself is a common passion or hobby of many.


To play sports like polo too, you need to learn horse riding. Hence regardless of whether you want to learn to ride a horse for the purpose of simple pleasure or for playing polo or for participating in horse races or shows, you need to have good and proper protective gears that are essential for your safety while riding a horse. The most important safety items include a horse riding head gear, an equestrian saddle and a pair of equestrian footwear. There are no options among the three i.e. all the above mentioned three riding gears are necessary for a safe and comfortable experience of riding horses. You can get these in any local equestrian store or can buy from an online store too.

By Karoly Lorentey from Budapest, Hungary (Flickr) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By Karoly Lorentey from Budapest, Hungary (Flickr) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Horse riding is seen as a classy sport too and hence your apparel needs to be up to the mark too, to attract attention of the viewers. Horse riding is as much about style as about passion or hobby or sport. Hence if your apparel is not good enough, you would be behind a point among all the other horse riders. Especially if you are participating in horse shows or horse riding events or a game of polo or in a race, where you are in full view of the world, you need to take extra care about what you wear. It is for your safety too that you check your apparel well before wearing them for any horse show. How would you feel if your apparel got torn between a polo match or say, a race?


To avoid the above mentioned situation, it is advised that you buy apparel that is specifically made for horse riding i.e. equestrian apparel. You would possibly get equestrian clothes in any equestrian local store where you buy your other horse riding gears from. But if you do not get the apparel in your local store, like it is mentioned above, you can always place orders on an online shopping portal and it would be delivered to your home in no time at all. You do not have to go out of the comforts of your home either. Just find a good online store and you can buy all your equestrian riding gears including the apparel too.