How to Achieve Brand Recognition in a Crowded Marketplace

Laura Tolentino

social media for brands
social media for brands

Owning a business is filled with ups and downs. You are bound to hit challenges and pitfalls along the way, so it comes down to how you weather these moments, learn from them, and come out in a stronger position. A big part of your company’s success, however, will be making sure your brand is unique and stands out from the competition. Brand recognition is something that all businesses strive to achieve, but it’s not always so easy.

If you have a goal of improving your company’s brand recognition in a crowded marketplace then these tips are meant for you. They can help ensure your goals are achieved.

Get On Social Media Immediately

The very first tip is probably the most important, and may end up having the biggest impact and results. If your company hasn’t yet embraced the top social networks, it’s time to do so. Create accounts on all the big platforms – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – and start making your presence known. This means posting relevant, engaging, useful, topical, and fun content on a regular basis.

Ideally you want to focus on growing your following, getting likes, getting shares and even creating a buzz online. This can lead to a real interest in your products/services and boost your brand recognition in a big way.

Product Packaging Can Take the Brand Far

Another way you can achieve brand recognition is to ensure your product packaging makes an impact. As you start to research how packaging influences brand recognition, it becomes clear that this is a way to make your brand and products feel unique, exciting, eye-catching, and unlike the competition. In other words – stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Some of the ways you can do this is through the shape and size of the packaging, the materials used the pictures and graphics on the packaging, the font, the color choices, and so forth. It will pay off to take a little extra time to think through your options and ensure you’re picking the ideal packaging. Be sure to also check out what the competition is doing so that you don’t end up replicating what they have.

Positive Customer Experiences Lead to Word-of-Mouth Recommendations

Of course, word-of-mouth is another factor in creating brand recognition, not just in the local community but further afield. You want your customers to have such a fantastic experience with your business that they feel inclined to tell others about it, thereby increasing awareness.

This is an organic form of advertising and one that carries a lot of weight. People are more likely to trust a personal recommendation from a co-worker, friend, or family member than a random ad they see online or hear on the television.

All of this translates to an emphasis on customer service and the customer experience.

By using each of these tips and making sure you stay consistent in your efforts, you will start to see a shift where brand recognition is concerned – and that will be a positive shift in your favor.