How To Choose The Right Lipstick For You Based On Skin Tone

Laura Tolentino

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How To Choose The Right Lipstick For You Based On Skin Tone
How To Choose The Right Lipstick For You Based On Skin Tone

Most women have lipsticks in their beauty bags but not all of them know how to choose the right lipstick. This is normal since there are various different things that have to be taken into account. Also, there are countless influences coming from numerous sources, raging from friends to celebrities.

One of the most common reasons why the wrong lipstick is chosen is that the color clashes with the wearer’s skin tone. Learning how to choose the right color based on your skin tone can do wonders in helping you look great every single day of the week. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

Identify Your Skin’s Undertone

This should be seen as the basics. Skin has natural undertones of pink or yellow. Pink is cooler and yellow is warmer. When you know your undertone, it is easy to figure out exactly what lipstick will look great on you.

Start by looking at your wrist veins. When they are blue and you love wearing whites, grays and blues, pink undertones are present. When veins look greener, a warmer yellow undertone is present. When you have veins that are both green and blue, you most likely have a skin tone that is neutral. You are among the lucky ones that can wear almost any color.

If still not sure, take a piece of silver and a piece of gold jewelry. Hold them up to the face. Completely ignore personal preference and assess the jewelry that looks best when near the skin. The cooler tones are better with the silver jewelry. Warmer skin tones tend to work much better with gold.

Know The Shades That Work Well With Your Skin’s Undertone

The best thing you can do is focus on the shades that are similar to the skin’s undertone as you pick your lipstick color. If you have yellow undertones, warmer colors are better. For the pink undertones, shades of purple or blue are perfect.

Always avoid the lipstick colors that have a pale, ashy or gray feel. These make your skin look unhealthy or sickly. Usually, your skin ends up looking unflattering.

Take Your Skin Tone Into Account When In Doubt

If you want to simplify the choice, you can always stick to those shades that often suit the darker, fairer and olive skin tones.

Olive Skin Tones

An olive skin tone is usually neutral so it is very difficult to get things wrong. Most red, orange, pink and nude lipstick shades will look great. Think about what you wear in order to determine what lip shade to use. If the outfit has warmer colors, you can easily move to a brighter, warmer lipstick.

Fair Skin Tones

If you have fair skin, deep colors and bold reds look great and can easily help you to play with the makeup you use, so that you look fantastic. Do not wear something that is really light or lipstick with yellow undertones so that you do not end up looking washed out.

Darker Skin Tones

With darker skin tones, reds, berries and deep plums all look great. Avoid pale or light lipsticks unless you want to make a statement or you are interested in a more retro feel. The deeper shades will look more flattering.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, no matter the undertones and the tones, you are the one that will decide what is flattering and what looks great on you. When you are very happy with your bright orange lipstick, it is something that you should wear. However, the suggestions above should help you to choose the right color for your lipstick if you have doubts.