Outfits You Need On A Fijian Holiday

Laura Tolentino

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FIjian fashion
FIjian fashion

Are you planning a visit to one or more of the over 300 islands in Fiji? Although just around one third of the islands are inhabited, we are sure that you want to look fashionable, no matter where you go. Just like with every travel destination in the entire world, there are many different things that can go through your mind when it comes to clothes to pack. This is why you should always consider the following for absolutely all Fiji holiday packages you may consider.

Get Your Poolside Essentials

You simply cannot think about what to wear in Fiji without considering poolside essentials. You will surely visit a pool or go to the beach for some fun. You need board shorts or a bikini, based on what you like to wear for the Fijian beachside experience.

At the same time, you cannot afford to not have sunglasses with you or you will surely buy a pair once in Fiji. Make sure that your sunglasses match your swimwear and you will be a hit.

Comfortable Clothes To Go Shopping

Fiji features countless interesting shopping markets and there is a pretty good possibility you will want to visit them. For instance, you might consider Suva or Nadi. When you go on such an expedition, you need to wear something breathable and comfortable. Make sure to thus pack some basics like denim or cotton clothes. Obviously, if you want to look fashionable when shopping, you will need to take things a little further in terms of style.

Relaxed Clothes For Eveningwear

There are many islands that are secluded and private in Fiji but you will surely not be completely alone. Some of the most luxurious resorts out there offer high quality dining opportunities. That is why you should have some eveningwear with you. In fact, there are some resorts where you will not be able to enter the restaurant without wearing something that is considered to be appropriate.

Breezy Beachwear

The last important thing that we should mention about what clothes to pack if you want to visit Fiji is that you cannot simply just rely on your swimwear to feel comfortable when at the beach. It is always best to add some breezy essentials. This can include cotton dresses, bags to carry what you take with you to the beach and flat footwear. Flat sandals as an example are very common and recommended in the Fijian islands.

Embrace Your Own Style

The last thing that should be highlighted is that you want to obviously embrace your own style so your luggage will surely include many other clothes that we did not mention. What was highlighted should be simply seen as some recommended essentials most people want to have in their luggage. If you are not the type that goes in the water, you will not need swimwear though. You will only want to pack some breezy beachwear. Always adapt to make the best possible choices on your Fijian holiday.