How To Choose The Tie That Perfectly Matches Your Dress Shirt

Laura Tolentino

How To Choose The Tie That Perfectly Matches Your Dress Shirt

If you want to master elegance as a man you need to know how to select your tie. This is one of the first things you learn and the problem is that in so many cases the tie is chosen in a way that is not at all proper.

Contrary to what you might believe, the very first thing that you should think about is what dress shirt you are going to wear. The dress shirt will highly influence tie selection, dictating the success or failure of the entire outfit. The main choice is normally between a patterned or solid dress shirt. Then, you think about the color of the shirt. Is it light or dark? After you determine what shirt you are going to wear, it is time to choose your tie. You can perfectly do this through the following suggestions.

Choosing A Tie For A Solid Dress Shirt

If the dress shirt is solid colored, the tie can be solid or patterned. When you go for the tie featuring a solid color, choose complimentary colors or opt for something analogue. For instance, when you wear the light colored shirt, the complementary option is a bold dark color that makes the tie stand out. The tie can be chosen from the exact same color group as the shirt. However, you want to go for a shade that is much darker. When the shirt is dark, opt for a complimentary light color or the analogous color tie.

Many men will want to wear patterned ties. This is not a bad idea for solid colored shirts but you might make a really bad choice that does not match. What you want to do is to make sure that the patterned tie features colors that do match the colors in the dress shirt. At least opt for the exact same color family.

Choosing A Tie For Your Patterned Dress Shirt

It is more difficult to choose a great tie for the patterned dress shirt. One of the common options is the solid tie. In this situation you just need to do the opposite of what was mentioned before. The solid tie color should match a color present in the patterned dress shirt.

When matching patterned shirts with patterned ties, you want to go for tie colors that are darker than shirt colors. That is necessary for the tie to not end up popping up too much. Then, you should be sure that patterns are different in your tie and your shirt. For instance, when you wear a dress shirt with check patterns that are small, the tie should present patterns that have large checkers or thick stripes.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is not much that you have to think about when you choose your tie based on dress shirt. However, there are many other considerations that have to be known. Even so, respecting what was mentioned above should allow you to look really stylish, which is surely what you want right now.