How To Choose The Very Best Business Outfit To Impress

Laura Tolentino

How To Choose The Very Best Business Outfit To Impress

business outfit impressionDress to impress! This is what everyone tells you when referring to a business meeting. What does that actually mean? This is the problem. It is really hard to talk about this since we are talking about a decision that can be quite subjective. However, there are some things that we can tell you about this, allowing you to choose the very best business outfit, the one that will actually impress.

The Key To Success: Adaptability!

You basically want to think about what is suitable for the occasion and what will impress. Everything depends on various factors like age, position and even business industry. You want to better understand the options that are available for you by simply looking at images and seeing what others wear in similar circumstances. That will help you to adapt your wardrobe and make the necessary changes to actually impress.

The Recommendation

There is always a safe way to dress and this is also true when referring to your business outfit. You can easily go for something that is classy and simple, like wearing a timeless suit design, good materials and calmer colors. Make sure that you always avoid synthetic blouses as they can be really bad if you are nervous or sweat.

Simple rules basically means that you want to go with the 2 thirds one third rule. Divide the garment surface into 3 sections. 2 of them have to be indistinct, neutral. This means brown, blue or gray. As an example for men, you can wear your jacket and suit pants in the same tone and your shirt can stand out with a totally different color.

Business Outfit Styles

  • Business Style – Professional attire. For a man, this means wearing long sleeved shirts, formal shoes and a suit with a dark color. The woman can wear trouser suits or skirt suits and conservative shoes.
  • Business Casual Style – The definition of business casual is a cross between casual dressing and professional attire. As an example, the man can wear long sleeved cotton shirts and pants or appropriately sweaters.
  • Casual Style – There are actually many work environments that recommend casual style. Startups are top on the list.

Don’t Forget About Hygiene

Bad hygiene will ruin every single outfit and unfortunately, it happens without even realizing it. Make sure that you spend enough time inside your bathroom before you put on your business outfit. The hair needs to be dry and you want to avoid having too much glitter spray or gel. Fresh haircuts are recommended at all times but you also want to avoid the heavy aftershaves and colognes. Everything from your nails to your hair needs to look proper, not just what you wear.

Acting Professionally

Think about what you want to communicate. This is highly important. Showcase competence instead of staying solely focused on the way in which you look. Attitude is just as important as the makeup that you are going to have on.

Make sure that you never add anything to your outfit that would make you feel uncomfortable. This does include clothes. It is really important that you are comfortable and that you wear your clothes before you actually consider them for a business meeting of any kind.