How To Match Your Suit, Tie And Shirt

Laura Tolentino

This is one of the basics when thinking about men fashion but it is also something that is often overlooked. It is not as easy to match your suit, tie and shirt and there are various things that you have to take into account at all times. Unfortunately, this is knowledge that is often lacking. If you do not hold the knowledge, you will have to think about everything that is mentioned below. Suits can be perfect and the effect would be bad if the overall outfit is not properly matched.

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The good news is that you do not have problems in learning what you have to know about the match. By simply remembering a few simple rules you can be sure that your suit will perfectly match the shirt and the tie that you pick up.

Matching Principles To Remember

Matching The Tie To The Shirt

Jackets can come off from time to time and the shirt is the one that you normally wear for a long period of time. With this in mind, make sure that you will match the tie to your shirt and not to the suit.

Sirt-Tie Perfect Combo

You want to choose a tie that is darker when compared to the shirt in order to be completely safe. Matching the clothing to your tie is a really bad idea.

The Classic Approach

You want to keep everything classic. This means that no element should have a purposefully out of place look or be overbearing.

Neutrals When In Doubt

Sometimes you just do not know if something matches. If that happens, you can go for a solid colored shirt that is designed for suits and that is neutral. White button downs usually look tremendous with any suit and almost any tie.

Pattern Matching

When looking at the patterns, the idea is to simply avoid the same pattern in all elements. As an example, if the tie has small checkered pattern, you do not want to wear a gingham shirt with small checkers.

Proportion Matching

The collar width has to complement tie width while the tie width needs to match lapel width. A failure to do this would lead towards some proportions that are not at all great and that should be avoided.