Jewelry to impress your beloved ones


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There must be very few women on earth who do not like jewelry. If you want to impress your girlfriend or thank your mother, the best gift would be an exquisite piece of jewelry. It does not necessarily have to be an expensive item. What matters when it comes to jewelry, are the design as well as the craftsmanship of the item. A jewelry piece should be such that it compliments the one who wears it and never become so prominent that the focus shifts from the wearer to the jewelry. People, especially women would not like that. Hence when you set out to buy jewelry, keep the above two things in mind.


Jewelry is one such gift item where you will be spoilt for choice. You would not have trouble finding a jewelry piece as a gift for your loved one; instead you would probably be overwhelmed by the choice. There are different materials like gold, platinum, silver and even plastic jewelry items. The choices of pieces are varied too. There are finger rings, pendants, earrings, bangles, necklaces, and so on to name a few. Then there are stone jewelry items too like diamond jewelry, which is the most popular choice of most women. After all diamonds are women’s best friends. But for the few women who do not like the pure whiteness of diamonds, there are jewelry pieces made from colored stones too, like ruby, emerald, sapphire and so on.


Diamond Ring
Diamond Ring (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You can buy jewelry pieces based on mainly three things. The first and the most important factor is your budget. If you have a high budget you can easily opt for gold, platinum jewelry with diamond of ruby or other precious stone settings. But if your budget is low it would be better to stick to silver jewelry set with semi precious stones, if you want stones at all. The second important factor is the receiver i.e. the [person for whom you are buying the jewelry. Usually it is the norm to buy diamond solitaire rings made with gold or platinum for proposing your girlfriend. But nevertheless you can make your own rules and get a plastic ring for the same purpose. If, however, your girlfriend rejects you, it would be your own responsibility. The third important factor is the occasion. Surely the above example is enough to clarify this point too.


Once the above factors are considered and taken care of, what you must do is find a good jewelry store. This is all the more important if you are not used to buying jewelry and do not have any idea about the purity of precious jewelry at all. You have to trust what the store sale person tell you and hence you have to find a store that is reputed and is known for the quality of the jewelry it sells. There are plenty of online stores too if you cannot find a good local store. But then again, be careful about who you trust with your money.