Kelly Brook’s Stunning 2014 Swimwear Line

Laura Tolentino

We may be looking at Winter really soon but we have to acknowledge the really stunning Kelly Brook 2014 swimwear line since it will be available at discounted prices right now. Even with the discounts, the prices are low at around £25. Since we are during the winter, we can buy many pairs, which is obviously something we would love.

2014 Swimwear Line By Kelly Brook

kelly brook swimwear line 2014 2

The 2014 line is the fourth one that was launched and designed by the actress/model. It was inspired by fifties pin-up models and showcases pretty frills and halternecks. Obviously, we love everything in this line and surely, David McIntosh, Kelly’s fiancé, loves it.

There is no way to deny the fact that Brook is the number one pin-up girl in Great Britain. Just Google some of the shots with her with the new line and you will notice how great it is. The swimwear line includes various bikinis and 1 piece swimsuits. It is perfect for fashion stores since there is a lack of such interesting options available at the moment.

Kelly Brook Tankinis

kelly brook swimwear line 2014

The swimwear line, New Look 4 basically, was launched right before the summer holiday and the same thing will happen next year, almost for sure. Remember that. If you like this collection, try to find the fifth one next year or simply buy now for next year. It is a guarantee that the swimsuits will look great years from now.

The designs are all aimed for high street brand stores and line number 4 is actually better than the ones launched before. It is obvious that Kelly Brook understands what is perfect for a curvy girl, what works and what does not work. You will surely receive all the extra support that you need.

We mentioned the tankinis above because of the fact that they are perfect for many different women out there. You can easily opt for a complete look by using matching clothes and these tankinis in the line are perfect for the women that are not too confident about the body they have.