The Most Expensive Beauty Products In The World

Laura Tolentino

The really expensive things always come in small packages but when it comes to beauty products, quality does count a lot. Below you can find a list of the most expensive beauty products in the world, products that you will love but you will most likely never buy because of the associated price tags.

Although it is a little disheartening, we should at least know about them.  This is mainly because of the fact that these really expensive beauty products include some ingredients that are really expensive like caviar, platinum and 24 karat gold. The promise is youthful vitality, complete skin renewal and imperfection renewal.

Orogold Cosmetics 24K Nano Night Recovery – $1,500 – 30mL

Orogold Cosmetics 24K Nano Night Recovery

This beauty product includes 24K gold, just as the name implies, essential oils and nutrients. It is a night recovery elixir that improves the appearance of your skin while offering high hydration levels.

Clive Christian Pure Perfume – $2,334 – 30mL

Clive Christian Pure Perfume

They say that money does not have a scent and that money cannot buy happiness. Well, you will most likely be a little happier when you know that you spent so much money on such a small bottle of perfume. Clive Christian brings in a scent that is so expensive, one that is really rare, just available in Canada.

La Prairie Platinum Rare Cellular Cream – $1,228 – 1.7 oz

La Prairie Platinum Rare Cellular Cream

Platinum is the ingredient that makes this cream really expensive. It is included in the La Prairie face cream, which is considered to be a miracle worker that has the claim of protecting the DNA of the skin, recharging skin cells, replenishing moisture and adjusting the humidity levels. Based on how much you are about to pay, it is quite obvious that the claims should be respected or a lot of problems would appear for the company.

Crème De La Mer Ultrarich Cream – $2,222 – 16.4 oz

Crème De La Mer Ultrarich Cream

This is a beauty product that should increase the firmness of your skin, diminish wrinkles and lines while the pores are minimized and the skin will end up being ageless. The main thing that is found in this cream is a secret nutrient rich seaweed that is known as the miracle broth formula.